Farad Pre-Sale and ICO

Farad Pre-Sale and ICO

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Farad Cryptoken is the first of it's kind among the cryptocurrencies that exist in the market. The main difference of Farad Cryptoken is that, it is backed by real economic activity which is the production of Ultra-capacitors within actual factory settings.
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Aug 25, 2017
Sep 14, 2017
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About Farad Pre-Sale and ICO

What is Farad Cryptoken?

Farad Cryptoken is a crypto-currency within the Blockchain (Ethereum) ecosystem. Each Farad Cryptoken (“FRD”) represents the rights to the forward purchase contract of Ultra-Capacitor Cells produced by Guangxi Aerospace Beidou New Technology Co. Ltd. (China). The ‘mining’ of FRD is based on and 100% backed by the production of ultra-capacitor products and applications.

The ultra-capacitors will potentially be used in combination with traditional batteries such as Lithium Ion batteries within the Energy Storage Industry such as AMR, Beacon, Smart Card, Token, Smart phones, Power banks, RFID, IoT devices, WiFi Dongle, POS devises, SSD, PLP, Power tools, Drones, Automotive Boosters, UPS, Robotic Apparatus and Energy Harvest among other.

What is an Ultra-Capacitor and what can it be used for?

An Ultra-capacitor, also known as a supercapacitor or electrochemical capacitor, is a device for storing electrical energy which is growing rapidly in popularity. The design and mechanism of an Ultra-capacitor’s operation is somewhere between an ordinary capacitor and a battery, which opens up some interesting and valuable applications.

Like a battery, a single Ultra-capacitor cell consists of a positive and negative electrode, separated by an electrolyte. However, Ultra-capacitor store energy electrostatically, like a regular capacitor, not chemically like a battery - there is a dielectric separator dividing the electrolyte, also like a capacitor. The small separation between electrodes permitted by this structure lead to much higher energy storage density than a normal capacitor. Whilst an Ultra-capacitor stores less energy than an equivalently sized battery, it can release it much quicker, as the discharge is not dependent on a chemical reaction taking place.

Because no physical or chemical changes occur when charge is stored, Ultra-capacitors can also be used many times over without degradation.


- Transparency
- FRD value dictated by physical ultra-capacitor production
- Combination of several high-growth industries
- Automatic contract execution
- Irreversible transactions
- No intermediaries

Technical Info

Technical details:  Ethereum erc20 standard token. The source code:  The code of the product is not available. Proof of developer:  Public team.

Farad Pre-Sale and ICO Roadmap

  • 25 August2017

  • ICO Pre-sale Launch
  • 25 August2017

  • ICO Pre-sale Launch
  • 15 September2017

  • ICO Launch
  • 15 September2017

  • ICO Launch
  • Read More
  • 30 September2017

  • ICO end date & Production Line 1 Testing & Commissioning
  • 30 September2017

  • ICO end date & Production Line 1 Testing & Commissioning
  • 01 October2017

  • Start production of UCC
  • 01 October2017

  • Start production of UCC
  • 07 October2017

  • FRD Issuance
  • 30 October2017

  • Start production of line 2, 3, 4.
  • 20 December2017

  • Production under Forward PurchaseContract Starts
  • 20 March 2018

  • First Quarterly Buy-back


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Farad Pre-Sale and ICO Team

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Dr. Wan M Hasni
Chief Executive Officer, Farad Program


$24 733 332

Andras Kristof
Chief Technical Supervisor, Farad Program


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Rashdan Ibrahim
Financial Advisor, Farad Program
Richard Imran Ding
Legal Advisor, Farad Program
Nong You Hua
Ultra-capacitor Technology Advisor, Farad Program
Satriya Suetoh
Ultra-capacitor Program Advisor, Farad Program
Dr. Hung Yen Liu
Ultra-capacitor Manufacturing Advisor, Farad Progr...
Muhamed Catic
Chairman - Advisory Board
Dr. Abdulla Mangoosh
Vice Chairman - Advisory Board
Tony Morris
Board Member - Advisory Board
Dr. Yao Pei Zhi
Board Member - Advisory Board

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183.333 M FRD

Farad Pre-Sale and ICO Reviews


Ultimately, FRD is a unique cryptocurrency that captures two significant technological innovations: Ultra-capacitor and the blockchain. It also combines two high-growth industries, including energy storage and internet/telecoms. It’s a unique opportunity to participate in a digital economy based on physical economic production.

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