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The Safe Project with a Difference. Fairsafe is an auto-staking, deflationary and decentralized community token created to fight against the many dangerous tokens that are out on Pancakeswap.
Aiming to provide a space for new crypto users to learn about Blockchain, De-Fi, and NFT’s.
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About Fairsafe

 This isn't your typical "moonshot" project - that's only a very small part of it. The true purpose of this token is to bring light to layer 2 solutions within the BSC community. Like they say, hook, line, and sinker.
 Both the "fair" and "safe" prefixes are currently part of a big, sometimes dangerous trend within the BSC community. An unacceptably high number of people have gotten financially hurt by fake projects using such prefixes to promote themselves. This is what, above all, has inspired me to start working on this project, giving people a platform to get educated on layer 2 and its importance for de-fi at the same time. ETH is growing rapidly and it's not going to go away anytime soon. ETH 2.0 is years away, while mainstream attraction to crypto is here now. The only available, second-best solution people can think of is BSC - but it isn't. Binance holds way too much control for it to be called a decentralised exchange. Indeed, they have the ability to shut off nodes and bridges, should that fit their agenda. This project will first start out on BSC, for the important reason that, in the wake of the Safemoon protocol, Binance Smart Chain is currently seeing massive traffic and that, as a consequence of this, a lot of new people are exposed to scams/pump and dumps. The ultimate goal is to migrate to Polygon, where FairSafe will find its true, forever home.


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