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Revolutionary MMO metaverse where competition for greatness takes the forefront. 5000 NFTs dropping in April on for discord link drops
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First ever battle metaverse

Experience fierce battles, weld amazing friendships and clan up for fame and crypto. Break free of confines from legacy gaming: own your player, your experience and your loot.


Experience mind-blowing graphics and AAA-grade gameplay, enabled by Unreal Engine. Graphics designers and creators constantly adjust the dynamics based on real-time feedback from the community.

Play & Create & Earn

Value your efforts and start earning the utility token. Easily exchange for hard cash or trade for special powers and weapons. Get crafty and create your own experiences and worlds, as a testament to your abilities.


EXVERSE calling you out

Pick from amazing skins, and start the grind. Battle Royal, PvE, Castle Fights and more amazing features will push you hard. Learn the tricks and activate hidden features.

Get your coveted place in the clan, and start winning big. Compete with other clans for the upper hand in the universe politics.


Play & Earn, Trade & Earn

Internal marketplace offers easy exchange between players. Layer2 solutions bring low commissions and fast confirmation time.

Purchase specific weapons, tools and skins to enable your solo/team effort. Sell off any unneeded items into a highly liquid market. Hidden chests and locks, scattered among players, nudge them into trading for a never-stopping economy.


Create away and enjoy creations by others

Teleport into unique worlds, fully developed by others. Have fun with your pals, exploring unique maps and landscapes.

Let your creative juices flow and see your creations adored by thousands of players


Community driven

EXVERSE is built by the people for the people. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our members and encourage our players to interact with others to feel a sense of belonging within our community.

Members will get a seat at the table, partaking in decision-making and development.


  • Stage 1 Q3-Q4 2021

  • Stealth mode
    Game concept creation
    Website launch
    Social media launch
  • Stage 2 Q1 2022

  • Collaboration with Human Guild
    Investor relationship
    Starting social media activity
    Working on white-paper
  • Stage 3 Q2 2022

  • NFT Presale on Paras.io
    Starting a marketing campaign
    Seed Funding
    Working with influencers and advisories
  • Stage 4 Q3 2022

  • Alfa version release (battle royale mode) up to 100 players in one session (unlimited sessions)
    Play and earn blockchain integration
    Public sale
    NFT Sale
    Testnet launch
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  • Stage 5 Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

  • Infosec audit
    Beta version. The full release of the Battle Royale game
    NFT sale - game worlds
    Launching Bug Bounty program
    GameFi — staking
  • Stage 6 Q2 2023

  • Launch world constructor mode
    Launch character constructor mode
    Zero City
    Activate collaborations with major influencers
    First championship
    Grants program for launching game worlds


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