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World DevCon Summit organised by Unicom will be a platform of software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community.It will be a practitioner-driven conference designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.

World DevCon puts the spotlight on new technologies. We intend to cover all new technologies .Our conference and workshops invite you to get intro lessons (or advanced tips and tricks) on technologies like HTML 5, WebRTC, Dot Net ,Functional Programming , Go ,Scala ,Julia, Full-Stack Javascript Development, Mobile Web Design, Node.js, Data Science, and Distributed Computing to name a few.

Event Theme/Tracks
#WebCon - Web Application Programming using .NET, Angular JS, Node.JS, HTML5, UI5

#DB Con - Understanding Opensource database incl Apache Hadoop projects - HDFS, Hive, Pig, Spark and Latest in Enterprise DB, DWS and DBA techniques

#JS Con - New developments in JS for Progressive Web Applications, Mobile JS frameworks like Ionic, Building IoT Devices, etc.

#Digital Con - Programming to make Mobile apps, IoT devices, Analytics solutions, social media integration, cloud deployment, etc

#.Net Con - .NET Track provides extensive information about latest developments on .NET platform. Learn about the new .NET Core which is a cross-platform, open source, and modular .NET platform for creating modern web apps, microservices, libraries and console applications.

#Digital Con - Programming to make Mobile apps, IoT devices, Analytics solutions, social media integration, cloud deployment, etc


• 20 Professional Speakers
• 150+ Delegates
• Networking Session


Vivek Parihar
Head Of Engineering of Rizort Inc
Abhishek Narain
Executive Creative Director of Interdum Co.
Manojkumar Nagaraj
Manojkumar Nagaraj
Srivatsan Santhanam
Vic Parmar
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Anand Chandak
Usha Seetharaman
Bapiraju Nandury
Naveen Pete
Swaminathan Vetri
Manjunath Ramachandra
Abraham George Chackungal
Sathyan R

WORLD DEVCON 2018 Interviews

Vivek Parihar
Can you tell us more about your topic and speech at the event?
My topic would be: Feature flag, The Kill Switches on Mobile to Gain Back Control from the App Stores

To keep it short how can we avoid the disaster happened when HDFC bank roll out its banking application on both platforms and they are forced to de-list the HDFC Bank app from both App stores due to crashes.

Unlike server-side programming, the mobile code cannot be retracted once shipped and can only be updated once a user opts into an app upgrade. For Mobile Engineering, this presents unique challenges when it comes to releasing new features incrementally, fixing bugs, and mitigating outages at scale across mobile applications. Once you push the publish button, it goes to The App Store, the black hole that is Apple/Google… If I’ve made a mistake or if there’s a fatal, or something silly in that app, it’s gone. That bullet has left the barrel, and I’m screwed. There is a solution to this, and it’s called feature flags. Feature Flags – a mechanism that decouples code deployment from feature release processes in an update so that you can push a new version of the product to your users while controlling which features are on, off, still partially in development, being tested, etc.


08.45AM Registration with Tea/Coffee

09.00AM Confernce Overview and Special talk on “ Developer Zinda Hai” Read More
Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy, Customer Success Officer, Harman Connected Services

09.30AM AI and ML for every Developer Read More
Vic Parmar, Director IT Operations , AaNeel Technologies

10.15AM Networking Break with Tea/Coffee

10.45AM Azure Data Explorer Read More
Sathyan R, Head of Technology, Digital, The Printers Mysore

11.30AM Induced Artificial Constraints & Scout Architecting: A catalyst for out of box solutions and fast tracking product development Read More
Abraham George Chackungal, Principal Technical Product Manager, Sabre

12.15PM User Experience and Design Led Development for This Digital Age Read More
Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy, Chief customer success officer, Harman Connected Services

01.00PM Lunch Break

02.00PM Round Table Discussion - Read More

02.45PM Taking Control of your data with Graph QL Read More
Bapiraju Nandury, Program Director, IBM

03.30PM Tea/Coffee Networking Break

04.00PM Smart implementation of the client software for the cloud Read More
Manjunath Ramachandra, Principal Consultant, Wipro

04.45PM Oracle NoSQL DB Cloud Service Read More
Anand Chandak, Product Manager for Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle

08.45AM Registration with Tea/Coffee

09.00AM Conference Overview

09.15AM Feature flags on Mobile to Gain Back Control from the App Stores. Read More
Vivek Parihar, Head Of Engineering, Rizort Inc

10.00AM Networking Break with Tea/Coffee

10.30AM Deep Dive into ASP.NET Core Read More
Manojkumar Nagaraj, Director, Capgemini

11.15AM IOT Modern Application Development Read More
Srivatsan Santhanam, Sr Director, SAP

11.15AM Round Table Discussion Read More

01.00PM Lunch Break

02.00PM Improving your network : Deep Dive in Engineering Read More
Usha Seetharaman, Engineering Leader, LinkedIn

02.45PM Redux - Core Concepts & Principles Read More
Naveen Pete, Independent Consultant

03.30PM Tea/Coffee Networking Break

04.00PM Net standard - One library to rule them all Read More
Swaminathan Vetri, Lead Engineer, JCPenney

04.45PM Building modern data integration solution on Azure using Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks Read More
Abhishek Narain, Program Manager, Microsoft


Dec 12, 2018, 8:45 AM , IST (UTC +5:30)
Dec 13, 2018, 4:45 PM , IST (UTC +5:30)
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