The Houston Family Office & High Net Worth Conferences

Houston , United States

About The Houston Family Office & High Net Worth Conferences

With a fresh approach to how Family Office events should look like, DC Finance is proud to present our Dallas & Houston Family Office & Wealth Management Conferences — a conference built by Single Family Offices and HNWI for Single Family Offices and HNVVI.
The event, attended by over 100 qualified families and family offices executives, brings together families seeking cutting edge education and enables an exchange of knowledge and experience with similar families.
We are inviting select partners to seize the opportunity and interact with an exclusive group of senior Single Family Office and Multi Family Office investment executives, private investors and family members. Each representative is personally invited and vetted by DC Finance.
Through a series of panel sessions and presentations, the Texas Family Office & Wealth Management Conferences will cover topics related to the following subjects, as well as other areas of interest and concern to affluent families:
The Global Macro Economy
Traditional and Alternative Investing (dedicated panels will cover investments in Oil & Gas, High Tech, Real Estate and Art)
Legal & Tax Issues
Personal & Financial Security and other Lifestyle Issues
Washington/Legislation/Fed Policy
International Trends and Developments for Family Offices
Family Office Governance
Successfully Managing Family Dynamics
Accounting and Tax Strategies


Mr. Drayton McLane
Chairman, The McLane Group
Ms. Kelly Klein
Strategic Partnerships Director, Alignment Group
Mr. Benjamin Samuels
Executive Consultant, Victory Packaging
Mr. Avishai Ziv
CEO, Alignment Group Alignment Group
Mr. William E. Cohn
VP, Medical Devices, Johnson&Johnson
Ms. Juliana Garaizar
Managing Director, Houston Angel Network Houston Angel Network
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Mr. Adam E. Fine
General Partner & CEO, Windham Venture Partners
Mr. Benjamin Stephen Warren
President & CEO, ITC Trading Company Ltd
Mr. Jerry Guillott
Tax Partner, BDO LLP
Mr. Robert W. Rigdon
Vice Chairman, Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc
Mr. Clayton Hagerman
Founder & Managing Partner, MicroPlanned CommunitiesTM LLC
Mr. Ryan L. Urech
Senior Vice President – Southwest Region Business Development, Wells Fargo
Mr. Richard Baker
Vice President, Portfolio Strategy, ALPS Red Rocks Capital
Mr. Michael Casid
Co-Founder, Dymatize Enterprises
Mr. Kenneth B. Medlock III
Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Rice University
Mr. Brandon Pauler
Tax Managing Director, BDO LLP
Mr. Justin LaPoten
Partner, Badr Investments
Ms. Avital Ingber
President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
Mr. Erik Halvorsen
Director, TMC Innovation Institute
Mr. Moshe Hogeg
Co-Founder & Chairman, The Singulariteam Technology Group
Ms. Dorit Donoviel
Director, The Translational Research Institute for Space Health


08:00-09:00 am
Registration and Refreshments

09:00-09:10 am
Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Mr. Jeffrey Kane, National Managing Partner – Private Client Services, BDO LLP
Conference Moderator: Mr. Jerry Guillott, Tax Partner, BDO LLP

09:10-09:40 am
The Technology Panel – Is Houston Ready to Become the “Third Coast” When it Comes to Innovation and Investment?
Moderator: Mr. Erik Halvorsen, Director, TMC Innovation Institute
With: Ms. Dorit Donoviel, Director, Transnational Research Institute for Space Health, Mr. John S. Reale Jr., Co-Founder & CEO, Station Houston, Ms. Juliana Garaizar, Managing Director, Houston Angel Network, Mr. William E. Cohn, VP, Medical Devices, Johnson&Johnson
This panel will talk about some of the history of innovation in Houston and the major advances that have taken place recently with respect to infrastructure and resources to support entrepreneurs and start-ups in the ecosystem. The panelists will paint a picture of how robust the current investment opportunities in tech, digital and healthcare and where continued growth and opportunity will be seen in the future.

09:40-10:00 am
The World of Blockchain – Ms. Kelly Klein, Strategic Partnerships Director, Alignment Group

10:00-10:15 am
The Changing Healthcare Financing Landscape – Mr. Adam E. Fine, General Partner & CEO, Windham Venture Partners

10:15-10:25 am
Overseas Diversification Through Local Expertise - Mr. Lorenzo Rocco di Torrepadula, Partner, REYL Overseas Ltd
10:25-10:35 am The Continuing Evolution of Private Equity – Mr. Richard Baker, Vice President, Portfolio Strategy, ALPS Red Rocks Capital

10:35-10:55 am
Finding Opportunity in the Only CRE Sector Facing Deep Stress – Mr. Andy Weiner, President, RockStep Capital Real Estate

10:55-11:25 am
Fireside Chat with Keynote Speaker Mr. Drayton McLane Jr.
With: Keynote Speaker Mr. Drayton McLane Jr., Chairman, The McLane Group
Moderator: Mr. Rick Gornto, Houston Chair, TIGER 21

11:25-11:45 am
Refreshment Break

11:45-11:55 pm
Energy Investing – Moving from Molecules to Electrons for Better Risk-Adjusted Returns - Mr. Alan Hsu, Managing Director & Global Industry Analyst & Portfolio Manager, Wellington Management

11:55-12:15 pm
The Global Opportunity: Low-Cost Clean Energy – Mr. Robert W. Rigdon, Vice Chairman, Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.

12:15-12:45 pm
The Energy Panel – Outlook and Opportunities for Investment
Moderator: Mr. Kenneth B. Medlock III, Ph.D , Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Rice University
With: Mr. R. Paul Loveless, President & CEO, CL&F Resources, Mr. Richard Bogatto, Tax Partner, BDO LLP, Mr. Walker Moody, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Asset Management, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
This moderated panel discussion will explore the outlooks for oil and gas, including the most significant uncertainties, whether they are global or domestic, and how they may affect the investment climate. In addition, speakers will address the most pressing needs for investment across the value chain and the roles that markets and policy have in defining opportunities – ranging from recent tax changes to the role of shale to Federal infrastructure policy to the implications of NAFTA renegotiations.

12:45-01:15 pm
The Direct Investments, Co-Investments, and Successful Exits Panel
Moderator: Ms. Samira Salman, Founder & CEO, Salman Solutions
With: Mr. D. Randolph Waesche, Managing Member, Family Wealth Management LLC, Mr. Brad Ross, Managing Director, Transaction Advisory Services, BDO LLP, Mr. Michael Girdley, Managing Director, Geekdom Fund, and Mr. Justin LaPoten, Partner, Badr Investments
This panel will provide a comprehensive view on family offices making direct investments into private companies. Discussion will include sourcing, selecting, diligencing, structuring, finding co-investors, troubleshooting, and getting to a successful exit. Panelists will discuss personal experiences, recommendations, and truth from the trenches.

01:15-02:15 pm

02:15-02:45 pm
The Real Estate Panel
Moderator: Ms. Desirée Patno, CEO & President, NAWRB
With: Mr. Brandon Pauler, Tax Managing Director, BDO LLP, Mr. Ryan L. Urech, Senior Vice President – Southwest Region Business Development, Wells Fargo, Mr. Clayton Hagerman, Founder & Managing Partner, MicroPlanned CommunitiesTM LLC
Real estate dynamics is changing – opportunities and strategies addressing global housing issues, tax reform and the new mindset.

02:45-03:15 pm
Tiger 21 Panel
Moderator: Mr. Rick Gornto, Houston Chair, TIGER 21
With: Mr. Bret Stanley, Founder & Managing Partner, Stanley Capital Management, Mr. Ash Kumar, CEO & Founder, Ashford Communities, Mr. Steven Kaufman, Founder & Chief Acceleration Officer, Zeus Trust, Mr. Michael Casid, Co-Founder, Dymatize Enterprises
A discussion about what Tiger 21 is and how it can be relevant to you. The panelists will be asked questions about their experiences with T21, their investments with T21 and the value of T21 to their family and themselves.

03:15-03:35 pm
Refreshment Break

03:35-03:50 pm
Transition from Operating Company to Family Office – Mr. Adil Adi, Executive Chairman, Adi Family Office

03:50-04:05 pm
Philanthropic Structures – Mr. Stephen D. Maislin, President & CEO, Greater Houston Community Foundation

04:05-04:35 pm
The Philanthropy Panel – How to Create a Lasting Legacy
Moderator: Ms. Avital Ingber, President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
With: Mr. Benjamin Warren, CEO & President, ITC Trading Company Ltd, Mr. Fred Zeidman, Chairman, Gordian Group, Mr. Benjamin Samuels, Executive Consultant, Victory Packaging
What inspires legacy giving? Hear firsthand from a number of successful business leaders how they give back to their communities, involve multiple generations of their family and create lasting legacies through philanthropic endeavors.

04:45-06:45 pm
Cocktail Reception
The conference will be followed by a cocktail reception at The Houstonian for all conference attendees.


Apr 15, 2019, 8:00 AM , ACST (UTC +9:30)
Apr 15, 2019, 6:45 PM , ACST (UTC +9:30)
The Houstonian Hotel
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