The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

About The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit

Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit attract investors from across Dubai and the Middle East. Investors attend to find investment opportunities in Blockchain, Fintech and AI startups with a goal to find the next Unicorn company. Major strategic partners and Fortune 500 companies attend to gain education about the Future Technology Industry (Blockchain, Fintech and AI). They attend with clear goals to meet the top startups in the future technology space and create long-term partnerships with them.


2000+ Attendees
40+ Sponsors
50+ Speakers
Over 75% C Level


Sam Kamani
CEO & Co-founder at ProductDone
Misha Hanin
CEO and Co-founder at DeepDive.Tech
Alaa Mohra
Marco Pagani
Founder and CEO at
Amir Shaikh
Founder & Head of Growth at Think Grow Consulting
Shariq Hashmi
Co-Founder & Project Lead -
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Co-Founder & Marketing Director at iOWN Group
Arutyun Nazaryan
Co-Founder & CEO of Bistox Exchange
Co-Founder at TokenVisory
Sonny Mohanty
Regional Director at LATOKEN
Ralph Liu
Founder and CEO, MuleChain, Inc
Jeffe Koumbou F
Head of Innovation & Dev at Global Investment Trading
Nadeem Ladki
Director of Business Development at Ripple
Ali Kassab
Serial Entrepreneur / Chairman at Centurion & Co
Sally Eaves
CTO and Thought Leader in Emergent Technology
Simon Cocking
Founder / Senior Editor of Irish Tech News
Sergiu Draganus
Founder at CryptoCoin.Pro
Waleed Al Dhuhoori
Head of Corporate Applications at Dubai Health Authority
Sinha Santos
Founder & CEO Oix.Global
Daniel Gouldman
Co-Founder at Ternio
Adam McBride
Co-Founder at Def Foundation
Ekaterina Volkova
VP of Investments and Finance at Priority Token


$42 579 765

CEO & Founder at Eligma
Yuri Lobyntsev
Сo-founder and CTO, Cindicator
Erol User
President at COINARMY
Nikita Anufriev
Founder & CEO at DateCoin
Stanislav Uzunchev
Co-Founder at Ethearnal
Reggie Middleton
Founder and CEO at Veritaseum
Prozorov Danila
Founder at FireLotto
Jon Leonard
CEO at Tautachrome
Samuel Leech
Founder and CEO at Yieldcoin
Stefan Schmidt
CTO at Unibright
Ruslan Popa
Founder and CEO at Viuly
CTO at PolySwarm
Alexis Thomas
CEO at Wixlar Group
Miguel Angel Parada
CEO at Ideasreward
Eran Eyal
CEO and Co-Founder at Shopin
Daniele Bernardi
CEO at PHItoken
Issam Kassabieh
Senior Financial Analyst | Strategist | Spokesperson
Clarence Wooten
Founder and CEO at RoleCoin
Stephan Shakespeare
CEO and Founder at YouGov
Gary R Markham
Co-Founder and CEO at aXpire
Alexander Geralis
Chief Product Officer of cXchange
Philip Lee
CEO and Founder at Volt
Frank S. Cha
Chief Operating Officer at DataXchain
Haji Zamzuri Abdul Majid
CEO at Ultroneum
Patrick Tomelitsch
Founder at Cultural Places
Dana Farbo
COO and Investor at Augmate
Founder and CEO at Evareium
Dimitry Doronin
CEO at MDL Talent Hub


08:00 Start of Event
08:30 Coffee Break 1
09:00 Panel Discussion - Speakers
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Panel Discussion - Speakers 
14:30 Coffee Break 2
15:00 Panel Discussion - Speakers 
17:00 End of Event


Oct 7, 2020, 8:00 AM , GST (UTC +4)
Oct 7, 2020, 5:00 PM , GST (UTC +4)
Opal Tower | Business Bay
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