Swiss Crypto Assets Summit

Saint Moritz , Switzerland

About Swiss Crypto Assets Summit

The crypto industry is going mainstream and coming to be increasingly accepted by the bastions of old money - institutional investors, who are taking a sheen to new money. Though the crypto Big Bang started with just one bitcoin, we have seen crypto evolve from Coins to Tokens to ICOs and now finally Security Tokens. Crypto liberated many stakeholders in the economy such as citizens, entrepreneurs, innovators and gave a new paradigm where rules were turned over their head to give a level playing field to new comers, so to speak.

This invited a denial followed by dazed reactions from the incumbents for some years, before they have finally come to accept that crypto is not a fad, but an inevitable universal upgrade. Even though we don’t see the same brouhaha as last year, from ICOs raising billions of dollars in 2017 , the truth is some ICOs have rounded up astounding figures in private rounds in 2018, exclusively from institutional capital. EOS and Telegram ICOs which concluded their fundraising in 2018 are testimony to the gigantic institutional appetite for the relevant crypto projects. Crypto is going Institutional in more ways than one: Traditional private equity and venture capital funds are obtaining mandates from their existing LPs to invest in crypto.



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Jan 18, 2020 , CET (UTC +1)
Jan 19, 2020 , CET (UTC +1)
Kulm Hotel St. Moritz
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