Houston, What is Bitcoin? how can you Make Millions investing in CryptoCurrencies, ICO?

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About Houston, What is Bitcoin? how can you Make Millions investing in CryptoCurrencies, ICO?

If you have been on social media lately or even watch the news recently toward the end of 2017, you probably have heard of Bitcoin and how investors have made millions and billions investing into Bitcoin. Now you probably want to how you can make money with crypto currencies as well. Well My name is Kamal and i have been very pleased investing into Bitcoin and a lot of other crypto currencies out there. I spend days and night researching these projects evaluating the pros and cons and find out what are the high rated Crypto Currencies out there.

With technologies moving fast into the future, we should also start our education and take part in this amazing new digital technology revolution called "Blockchain"

People that have reached financial success always research new business ventures and investment possibilities, but also they always stay on top of what is happening on the market and where the future is heading in terms of technologies and innovations.

If you want to learn where the future is heading, how to invest and where, how cryptocurrency developed over the years, how you can make a 6 figures in less than a year, join us at this amazing event, where we will be exploring those subjects and going into depth of CryptoCurrency and blockchain technology.

We will present a fundamental analysis approach towards evaluating cryptocurrencies and ICOs; determining the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies through data science. The demo will be followed by ICO pich from founders and Ceo of Upcoming ICO and then a session of Q&A.

Very special guests will be speaking to you during the event, coming from different parts of the world it will be an event not to miss if you want to be part of this hot topic.

We are expecting at least 500 attendees and we will announce on january 31st all the speakers and upcoming ICO Founders and CEO that will attend this meetup to answer all your questions.

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Disclaimer: Our group does not provide financial advice, nor should any discussions be taken as prescriptive.


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