Digital Commodities Summit London – Part 2

London , United Kingdom

About Digital Commodities Summit London – Part 2

After its successful regional launches in Europe, America and Asia, S&P Global Platts Digital Commodities Summit returns to London this November for the second round of blockchain evolution.

In the first editions we looked at proof-of-concept for blockchain in commodities markets. For 2018, we will continue to assess innovative pilot blockchain trading initiatives, while debating the key challenges of rolling out commercial models and delivering mainstream market adoption.

We will also discuss which sectors are witnessing blockchain activity and why, and how others can learn from their experiences. How the technology affects you, your organization and industry. And what the overriding opportunities and challenges are. Not just for blockchain technology, but also for the internet-of-things, big data and artificial intelligence.

So whether you came last time or are a first timer, join the debate with over 40 expert speakers, and network with key digital and blockchain adopters, stakeholders, experimenters, market movers and everyone else involved in the value chain.

 - Future blockchain scenarios outside of P2P trading, the big picture for DLT today and commercialization model challenges
 - Lessons to learn from blockchain initiatives – case study best practices from the oil and gas, power, agriculture, metals, banking and logistics sectors, among others
 - Latest regulation, legislation and technical challenges and strategies
 - IoT, big data and AI, and their relationships with blockchain
 - Attracting digital talent and gender diversity challenges and strategies
 - Latest developments and challenges for crypto’s and ICO’s
 - Assessing the many blockchain adoption challenges and strategies to address them


Adam Vile
CTO, VAKT Global
Alistair Cross
Chief Operations Officer, Mercuria Energy Trading
Andy Bose
Chief Product Officer, S&P Global Platts
Anna Besstsastnova
Corporate Financial Analyst, Optiva Securities
Christian Ferri
Chief Executive, BlockStar
Christoph Burger
Senior Lecturer, ESMT
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Clemens Wagner-Bruschek
Deputy Director, Competition & Regulation, E-Control
David Phillips
Head of Equity Research, HSBC Bank
David Shrier
Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Dora Matheidesz
Senior Innovation Manager Growth and innovation team, HSBC
Eren Zekioglu
Chief Operations and IT Officer, Gunvor Group
Garrick Hileman
Research Fellow, Cambridge Judge Business School
George Hantzaras
Chief executive officer & Co-founder, Tradeline
Henry Edwardes
Evans Editorial Director for Power, S&P Global Platts
Ilya Chernilovskiy
Co-founder, Open Mineral
James Rilett
Global Director of Innovation, S&P Global Platts
Jim Duffy
General Manager, Tracr
John Salmon
Partner, Hogan Lovells
Joseph Kuszli
CEO, Graex France SAS
Joshua Scigala
Co-founder and CEO, Vaultoro


Blockchain Workshop (Dame room)

Getting up to speed on Blockchain
Marta Piekarska Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger

Registration and pre-conference lunch

Chairman’s welcoming remarks
James Rilett Global Director of Innovation, S&P Global Platts
Future blockchain scenarios, big picture for DLT today and commercialization model challenge

Keynote: The Future of blockchain What it could create beyond peer-to-peer trading
Garrick Hileman Research Fellow, Cambridge Judge Business School

Exclusive: from concept to comemrcialization:VAKT Platform
Adam Vile CTO, VAKT Global
Maryam Ayati Chair; ; VAKT Holdings; Head of Origination & Investments, Shell Global Products Trading and Supply

Panel discussion: An analysis of existing applications – why proof-of-concepts are not making it to enterprise implementation
Adam Vile CTO, VAKT
Julian Gray Technology Director, BP Digital
Michael Merz Managing Director, PONTON
Christoph Burger Senior Lecturer, ESMT
George Hantzaras Chief Executive Officer Co-founder, Tradeline
Toon Leijtens CTO, KomGo

Refreshment break
Lessons to learn from blockchain initiatives – Part one

Blockchain in commercial action: Innovation in action – a view from S&P Global Platts
James Rilett Global Director of Innovation, S&P Global Platts

Panel discussion – oil and gas: Latest on the benefits and challenges of projects to date and commercialization efforts in the oil and gas space
Julian Gray Technology Director, BP Digital Innovation Organisation
David Phillips Head of Equity Research, HSBC Bank
Eren Zekioglu Head of Operations and IT, Gunvor

Panel discussion – Shipping: Next generation shipping markets
George Hantzaras Chief Executive Officer Co-founder, Tradeline 
+ Special guests

Panel dicussion – power: Latest on blockchain developments for the sector – PoCs, P2P, microgrids and prosumers
Christoph Burger Senior Lecturer, ESMT
Michael Merz Managing Director, PONTON
Neil Pennington Strategic Advisor, Grid Singularity
Scott Kessler, Director, Business Development, LO3 Energy
Razvan Tudor, Manger - Risk Management Dept.,Hidroelectrica

Metals: An eBay-style marketplace – shaking up the way commodities are bought and sold
Ilya Chernilovskiy Co-founder, Open Mineral

Digital Showcase

Chairman’s concluding remarks and close of day one
James Rilett Global Director of Innovation, S&P Global Platts

Networking drinks reception

Breakfast Workshop (Duke Room)

Getting up to speed on internet-of-things, artificial intelligence and big data

Summit Day 2

Registration and networking breakfast

Chairman’s opening remarks and review of day one
James Rilett Global Director of Innovation, S&P Global Platts

Opening address: To be announced

Keynote – Big Picture for Digitalization today Free trade, changing business models, future apps and blockchain’s key role in the IoT, commodity markets and the logistics/supply chain
David Shrier Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Exclusive onstage interview: Re-engineering trading ecosystems with Blockchain and digitalization
Alistair Cross Chief Operations Officer, Mercuria Energy Trading

Refreshment break
Lessons to learn from blockchain initiatives – Part two

Agriculture: Changing the way raw materials are traded, paid for, financed: outlining the benefits and challenges of blockchain
Robert Zaremba Co-Founder & CTO, CEREALIA

Gold: Leveraging blockchain technology to open the market up to private investors
Joshua Scigala Co-founder and CEO, Vaultoro

Diamonds: Addressing data privacy on blockchain to drive industry adoption
Jim Duffy General Manager, Tracr

Panel Discussion - Financials Examining the ways that financial institutions are using blockchain and what can be learnt from their experiences
Dora Matheidesz Senior Innovation Manager Growth and innovation team, HSBC
Souleïma Baddi, CEO komgo

Networking Lunch

Lunch Workshop (Dame Room)

Interactive session
Latest developments and challenges for Crypto’s and ICO’s

Initial coin offerings: Assessing the latest challenges and developments of initial coin offerings along with regulatory developments
Christian Ferri Chief Executive, BlockStar

Digital token regulation: Is it counter-productive for the industry and for the state to mix financial asset tokens in the same category as commodity asset tokens?
Joseph Kuszli CEO, Graex France SAS
Anna Besstsastnova Corporate Financial Analyst, Optiva Securities

Refreshment break
Internet-of-things, artificial intelligence and big data

Artificial intelligence: AI, big data and data science – what can it do for commodity businesses?
Daniel Nadler Founder, Kensho*

Internet of things: How to connect IoT devices effectively with blockchain
Steffen Kux Head of Consulting,

Regulation: Is P2P trading feasible in the current framework?
Clemens Wagner-Bruschek Deputy Director, Competition & Regulation E-Control

Legality: Challenges of implementing and executing smart contracts
John Salmon Partner, Hogan Lovells

Panel discussion – closing thoughts – adoption challenges: What is preventing further adoption of blockchain and what can be done to overcome them?
Christian Ferri Chief Executive, BlockStar
Ilya Chernilovskiy Co-founder, Open Mineral
Mark Pryor Chairman and CEO, The Seam
Dora Matheidesz Senior Innovation Manager, Growth and Innovation team, HSBC

Chairman’s concluding remarks and close of conference – what are the key takeaways?
James Rilett Global Director of Innovation, S&P Global Platts


Nov 12, 2018, 9:00 AM , GMT (UTC +0)
Nov 13, 2018, 6:00 PM , GMT (UTC +0)
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