This is an advancement of the first crypto summit that happened in Switzerland last years which involved key people in the crypto space from thirty countries to share their experience. This intends to be bigger and better bringing together more influencers, policy makers, investors and entrepreneurs to lead an open dialogue and shape future crypto currency with crypto currency tokens.

This largest conference is dedicated to block chain technology in Switzerland and planned to take Samsung Hall in Zurich in March 27th - 28th   with well scheduled plan of activities for all the members. The country’s Economic Minister Johannas Schneider intends to make his country move beyond the crypto valley and order to adopt a new name Crypto Nation.

This drive is provided by the leading figure  in the global crypto community  with vast management skills including : Vinny Lingham the CEO Civic, Alex Tapscott the CEO Next Block Global, Kathleen Breitman the CEO Tezos, Tim Drapper a venture investor, Jon Matonis the founding Director of Bitcoin Foundation  and Ransu Salovaara the CEO of Token Market.

These prolific figures have developed different sectors making their involvement necessary in shaping the crypto market.

The summit is of essence as it enlightens different investors on:

- The different industries leaders to invest in crypto

- Network with fellow investors and high potential start ups.

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