C3 Crypto Conference

C3, Germany’s Largest Crypto Conference

With the intention of bringing together leading crypto experts, investors, blockchain start-ups, lawyers, developers – everyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Paranoid Internet GmbH will be organizing the C3 Crypto Conference, the biggest crypto conference in Germany. 

Paranoid Internet – a multicultural consulting agency that has developed highly-successful companies in the UK, the USA, Germany and South America – is now organizing C3 in Berlin, hoping to reveal to the world innovative solutions and new technologies in the blockchain & crypto industry. 

To put things into perspective, the World Crypto Economic Forum in San Francisco in January brought together over 1000 attendees and 60+ speakers from all around the world, while the North American Bitcoin Conference (NABC) gathered almost ten times that number. Here, in the capital of Germany, C3 is planning to do in Europe what the NABC did in America.


“Berlin is inviting the world,” said Dennis Weidner, Head of Operations at C3 Crypto Conference GmbH.

This exhibition is open to all blockchain enthusiasts. When asked if beginners to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are encouraged to join this conference, Weidner gave an affirmative nod. "Everyone will enjoy it, from small-time traders to big investors and CEO”, he said. With the inclusion of ‘Getting Started’ sessions, attendees will be given tips on how to navigate the crypto world with ease. In the 2-day session, C3 attendees will learn the basics such as ICOs, exchanges, Smart Contracts, etc.

For the more advanced blockchain aficionado, there will also be live trading sessions and speeches by some of the most prominent figures in the crypto world. Below is the impressive list of speakers who will be giving keynote speeches at the conference: 

Christoffer De Geer, VP of Swedens largest BTC exchange, BTCX 

Dr. Yassin Hankir, Founder & CEO at Savedroid, who wants to “democratize cryptocurrencies by creating a unique AI-fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses

Philip Paetz, CTO at Brickblock 

Jess Houlgrave, Co-Founder & COO at Codex Protocol

Miko Matsumura, Founder Evercoin Exchange & ICO Advisor

Nikita Fuchs, dAPPs & ICO Developer at Envion 

Har Tej, Co-Founder at Hosho 

Miriam Neubauer, MD at Catena Capital 

Artiona Bogo, Blockchain Developer at SAP. She “evaluates new technologies relevant to SAP’s Blockchain service offering and evangelize the topic internally and externally”

Peter Grosskopf, CTO at solarisBank 

Melanie Mohr, CEO at YEAY, whose vision is to “make shopping on mobile entertaining, exciting and fun”

For those of you attending the conference, you can expect topics ranging from “Taking Decentralized Technology Mainstream” to keynotes speeches like “ICO Success Factors: How to reach your Funding Goal”. There will also be workshops that provides the latest and wisest investment advice, such as the “Buy Low, Sell High: Investment Strategies for Crypto Portfolios” workshop.

The exhibition is also full of marketers from agencies all around Europe, and will definitely be a great networking opportunity for those seeking to land a job in the bustling crypto industry. Companies like SAP, solarisBank and Savedroid  will be some of the exhibitors at the conference, and you will get to meet the leading experts from fields like infrastructure, banking, and investing to discuss their products and services.

The C3 Crypto Conference will be held on the 5th and 6th of April at the STATION Berlin Convention Centre. According to Weidner, the event is intentionally held on a Thursday and a Friday so that attendees could stay until the weekend and enjoy an amazing time at the capital. 

Tickets are currently on sale on C3’s website, with various types of tickets designated to suit the needs of different attendees. Early-bird tickets for the conference start from €229 for the “Startup” level all the way up to €1295 for the “Investor” level. If you only wish to visit the exhibition, it will cost you €29 for a one-day pass and €49 to attend both days. Furthermore, you will also receive a 20% discount if you pay with Bitcoin or other altcoins.

For more information, visit the official C3 website here.