Brisbane City , Australia


Over 30 Speakers & Presenters over 3 Days !

Wherever you are now in the spectrum of Blockchain & the Cryptocurrency Breakthrough & Revolution, the BLOCKConscious Summit in Brisbane 2018 has a place for you.

This 3 day immersion in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane will showcase some of Australia’s best projects & minds that will deepen your knowledge and proficiency in Cryptocurrency by listening to top-notch resource speakers who will navigate you into the basics and intricacies of this digital currency venture. Their upcoming revelations about the latest trends (such as the application of Blockchain technologies), calculated forecasts, and exclusive information about the Cryptocurrency phenomenon and its implications on your financial future are too invaluable to miss out. Organized by CryptoMASTERMINDS Not-For-Profit, the event also provides an avenue for coaching, interacting and exchange of best practices in the field among and between the delegates.

BLOCKConscious Summit offers you a timely opportunity to validate your existing moves, rethink your options, clarify your direction, and address your concerns surrounding this cutting edge digital currency market that would make you leave the Summit with a great sense of purpose and personal well-being.

Equipping the participants with the merit of validity, clarity, and peace of mind, this Summit stands to guarantee a full value-for-money experience to newbies and pros alike in the Cryptocurrency globalized economy.

Following the success of the CryptoHealth 2017 in Gold Coast Hinterland, CryptoMASTERMINDS are now putting together another event for the 10th, 11th & 12th August in Brisbane bringing together & showcasing the BlockChain & Consciousness communities … which you will not want to miss !

Pay for your Hotel in Crypto – Visit Restaurants & Bars – Pay in CryptoCurrency for the full Immersion experience !

Day 1 on Friday 10th August consists of Workshop Sessions to bring Beginners to Intermediates up to speed on Wallets & Exchanges etc, before the Summit on the Saturday & Sunday.

 VIP Packages available !

 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Speakers

– Paul Seils – Host 

– Roger Ver –

– John McAfee

– Ahmed Syed – “Blockchain technology in Enterprise Processes”

– Nathan Burns – Free Market Token

– Jet Yap – CanYa

– Warren Black – Taxation & CryptoCurrency

– Kosh Prasad – “The Evolution of Money & Banking”

– Hayden Otto – “The Corporate Takeover of Bitcoin + Crypto Strategies – Trading and Technical Analysis”

– Rohan Moxley – Social Enterprises & Structures

– Nathan Waters – Peerism

– Caleb Yeoh – Travel by Bit

– Benjamin August – MassBlock

– Thomas Miller – Ethereum Network

– Benny Hall – ETHLend Ambassador & MC

– Cameron Taylor – MC

– James Waugh – Blueblock

– Anouk Pinchetti – Blockchain Centre

– Madison Van Bennekom – New Dawn Fund 

– Scott Burow – Sunshine Coast Blockchain

– Patrick Heaton & Mark Francis – Touch Social 

– Anastasiya Stolbova 

– Aleksandar Svetski

– Mikey Robertson

– Katrina Donaghy – Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Civic Ledger

– Josh Lehman – Digital Surge 

Consciousness & Well-Being Speakers

– Ben Stewart (Documentary / Filmmaker films Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica and Ungrip) 

– Corne Mare – “Homo Sapiens through the Looking Glass”

– George Kavassilas – I Am Infinite 

– Kana Leya (Founder of Global Impact Group, Worldbridgers & AI Mastery Hub)

– Jerard Glennon – The AmUnity Project

A great line up forming of Speakers and practical workshops for all things Crypto and Consciousness related – Stay tuned for updates ..


Aug 10, 2018, 10:00 AM , AEST (UTC +10)
Aug 12, 2018, 6:00 PM , AEST (UTC +10)
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