Blockchain Leadership Summit

Basel , Switzerland

About Blockchain Leadership Summit

Summit's mission is observing the world of blockchain and presenting the latest insights and cases from industry leaders, visioneers, developers and experts to public. 
Its the highest value we hold in delivering the truly valuable insights to technological advance, financial wisdom and mechanics and ways of converting the traditional businesses, industries and social economics to the new era of shared value.
The Blockchain Leadership Summit is designed to become a continuation of our event earlier this year with a deeper immersion into the rise of the new technological revolution.
The primary focus of this large scale event is to Unite the brightest minds of the developing industries with the whales of the fiat world, Let the most promising projects and start-ups learn about entering and changing the market and See how politicians, businesses and individuals would change the world around us by implementing blockchain and accepting crypto in their cashflows. 




2 500+

€600+ bln


Mauro Casellini
Head of Blockchain and Payment Service Providers at Bank Frick & CO. AG Bank Frick & CO. AG
Vladislav Sapozhnikov
Decentralized ecosystem DEEX spokesperson DEEX
Tom Trowbridge
President of Hedera Hashgraph Hedera Hashgraph
Emi Lorincz
Co-founder of Women In Blockchain Switzerand ( Director Business Development Europe at ShapeShift AG
Director of Education IOHK
Prof. Armen Sarkissian
President of Armenia
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Hon. Joseph Muscat
Prime Minister of Malta
Louis de Bruin
Blockchain Leader at IBM Europe IBM Europe
Dr Lee George LAM
Chairman, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Daniel Fritz
Supply Chain Domain Architect at Novartis Novartis
Marco Cuomo
Senior Digital Solutions Architect at Novartis Novartis
Johann Gevers
Founder of the Crypto Valley ecosystem. Crypto Valley Association
Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner
Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
Associate Professor at Decentralized/Distributed Systems (DEDIS) research laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) DEDIS
Wei Zhou
CFO of Binance China Binance
David Chen
Senior Business Director at Huobi HUOBI
Niklas Nikolajsen
Founder, Chairman of the Board & co-CEO at Bitcoin Suisse, Pioneer of the Swiss Crypto-Financial Sector Bitcoin Suisse
Rik Willard
Founder and Managing Director of Agentic Group Agentic Group
Nikolay Mukhanov
Chief Technology Officer of S7 Techlab company Techlab company
Shuonan Chen
Founding Partner at IOVC & Agile VC, CEO at Shinect, Board Member at North America Blockchain Association Shinect
Patrick Bont
Executive Board Member of the Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein, Head of the Banking Division & FinTech Practice Leader Financial Market Authority (FMA)
Aparna Krishnan
Co-Founder of Mechanism Labs, founder of Education Department at Blockchain at Berkeley Mechanism Labs
Ian Mullins
CEO & Founder of AdsDax AdsDax
Robert Levin
CEO at Emerging Star Capital, Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum Emerging Star Capital
John Riggins
Head of International Operations of BTC Media LLC, Leader in Digital Currency and Distributed Ledger Communications. BTC Media LLC
Denis Dovgopoliy
ICO investor, Managing Partner at GrowthUP Group, President at the GrowthUP Accelerator GrowthUP Group
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna
Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland PwC Legal
Frederick M. Shepperd
CEO, at CEO, at Shepperd Investors AG CEO, at Shepperd Investors AG
Makoto Takemiya
CO CEO - Soramitsu Co LTD Founder - SORA Token Engineer - Hyperledger IROHA Soramitsu Co LTD
Aviya Arika
Head of Aviya Law Aviya
Monty Metzger
CEO at LCX - Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange LCX
COO, Dash Core Group Inc Dash Core Group
Lili Zhao
Director of Ecosystem Growth at NEO Global Development NEO Global Development
Kamales Lardi
Co-founder and President of Women In Blockchain Switzerand ( and founder of BloomBloc
Lucas Zaehringer
Founder at, Leader at Avertim Avertim
Rohan Nasir Chaudhary
Co-Founder of Inkrypt, Freedom of Information Advocate Inkrypt
André Guedel
KPMG Head International HQs Cluster– Crypto Economist KPMG Switzerland
Elliot Feeny
Senior Associate at BTC Labs, Strategy at, Blockchain Media Specialist BTC Labs
Assylbek Davletov
Chief Fintech Officer Astana Financial Services Authority Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA)
Amalya Yeghoyan
Regional HighTech Development Manager in Enterprise Incubator Foundation & Executive Director in GITC. GITC
Sergey Gorkov
Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär
Professor for Distributed Ledger Technologies and Fintech, University of Basel Managing Director, Center for Innovative Finance, University of Basel University of Basel
Yulia Seroka
СЕО, Climate Action Accelerator
Ben D. Banerjee
Board Member at European Family Offices Alliance, InnMind & Swiss Impact Investment Association, Fundraising Advisor swiss impact investment association(SIIA)
Tal Catran
Accelerators Guru, Tech Investor, Start-Up Ecosystem Builder, Startup Nation & TEDx Tech Speaker GURU
Sony Kapoor
Advisor on Financial Policy and Investment Strategy of EU and emerging economy Governments
Moritz Kaminski
Business Architect Blockchain and IoT at Bosch Digital Solutions Bosch Digital Solutions
Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Blackmoon, Co-Founder at Flint Capital Flint Capital
Vigen Arushanyan
President of Armenian Blockchain Association Armenian Blockchain Association(NOOOR)
Mattia Rattaggi
Chairman of regulatory policy at the Crypto Valley Association Owner at Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi Advisory & Consultancy Crypto Valley Association
Tom Lyons
Communications Advisor
Jason Lau
Vice President of Business Development
Prof. Simon Choi
Expert in M&A, ICO, Crypto Finance and Regulations, Advisor at Asia Equity Exchange Asia Equity Exchange(AEEX)
Charles Hoskinson
Wilfried Pimenta
Business Development Director at the IOTA Foundation
Eric Jakob
Ambassador, Board Member, Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO
Dr. Efi Pylarinou
Independent Fintech & Blockchain Advisor, Influencer, co-founder of DailyFintech DailyFintech
Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
Chairman of Wealth Preservation Experts & Chairman of Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG
Jason Hsu
President at Taiwan Parliamentary Coalition for Blockchain & Industry Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO)
Jeremy Light
Vice President at Ripple, formerly Head at Accenture Payment Services for Europe, Africa and Latin America
Aljosja Beije
the Logistics and Technology Lead of Blocklab Blocklab
Dmitri Kosten
VP of special projects at RACIB, Russian Association of Crypto Industry and Blockchain. Head of the Insurance work group at IPE Lab, Institutional Project Engineering Laboratory Founder at 3D Business Solutions 3D Business Solutions
Monique Morrow
President and Co-Founder The Humanized Internet


$43 000 000

Sally Eaves
CTO and Advisor on Blockchain, AI and FinTech Technology Influencer, Author and Speaker Blockchain
Chris van Oosten
Head of Digital Platforms at Port of Rotterdam Port of Rotterdam
Lahcen Haddad
Minister of Tourism International expert in strategic management, monitoring and evaluation, human development, entrepreneurship, democracy and governance and communication
Dr. Thomas Dünser
Senior consultant to the prime minister of Liechtenstein, Project leader of the "Blockchain-Act" in Liechtenstein
Mamadou Toure
Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Group. Forbes top 10 most influential people in Africa (2014) Ubuntu Group
Igor Jiang Nen Cai
Managing partner of FinForge Fund, Eastern Europe blockchain lab, member of CryptoValley Association FinForge Fund
Michael Mosimann
Counsel (Attorney-at-Law & Civil Law Notary) at Prager Dreifuss AG Prager Dreifuss AG
Sáva Savić
Assistant Minister for Information Society and Information Security at Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Eduardo Salazar
Vladimir Popov
CEO Synergis
Marc P. Bernegger
Vladimir Demin
Max Lyadvinsky
CEO Bloomio
Dr. Christof Klöpper
Antonio Potenza
Co-founder Yellow Door
Daniel Heller
Yanina Petrovskaya
Dr. Manuel Meyer
Partner Baker McKenzie
Dr. Yves Mauchle
Attorney-at-law Baker McKenzie
Jörg Gasser
State Secretary of International Financial Matters State Secretariat for International Financial Matters
Edward Scicluna
Member of Parliament and Malta's Minister for Finance Government of Malta
Paolo Tasca
Director of the CAS Blockchain at University of Geneva CAS Blockchain
Dr. Davide Calvaresi
PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher at HES-SO HES-SO
Esko Aho Prime
Former Prime Minister of Finland, Visiting professor at Sciences Po, Paris Sciences Po
Pierre Roberge
Co-Founder and CTO at Bitcoin Miles Bitcoin Miles
Holger Köther
Partnership Director at IOTA IOTA
Xavier Buck
Co-Founder / CEO at CryptoCoin.Pro CryptoCoin.Pro
Thierry De Gorter
Managing Partner at Jet Class Group blockchain bank Jet Class Group


Registration & Coffee

Opening Ceremony
Greetings from Swiss Federal & Basel Cantonal Authorities, Opening by Ben Banerjee

9:30 – 10:30
Keynote Speech and Panel Dialog “Blockchain: governments and regulation”
Political Leaders & Governments: what they do in their regions to develop crypto & blockchain ecosystem.
Taking blockchain to the new span and level of development with leaders of European States. Learn the latest insights concerning DLT mass adoption, prospects for regulation and fresh news directly from the decision makers of the most advanced governments.

10:30 – 11:20
“Blockchain and Industries”
Digital transformation: traditional businesses migrating to the blockchain infrastructure, top representatives of biggest industries sharing their concepts of financial and technical applications. Bringing innovative solutions to enterprises.

11:20 – 11:50

11:50 – 12:40
Keynote and Panel Discussion: Banking and Financial Sector.
A tutorial on making effective decisions for finance and banking; the guidelines for wise tokenized asset management.

Round Table: Smart Economy on Blockchain

12:40 – 12:50
Taxation, legalization, insurance of crypto assets: current challenges.

Types of tokens, classifications & what you need to know about tokens. Security tokens: token structure, differences and security token offering explanation

12:50 – 13:30
Panel Discussion: Law & Compliance: the legal aspects of blockchain implementation.
The modern approaches to DLT in the legal landscape; comprehensive solutions for legal compliance; ways to develop sustainable blockchain-based businesses.

Presentation of BOSCH pilots on blockchain:
perspectives and results.
30 min Q&A session.

13:00 – 14:30

Startup Presentations, mentoring sessions and Pitches

14:30 – 15:15
Panel Discussion: Blockchain and the Internet of value.
The advance of technology applied to the humanistic goals that become achievable with the benefits of blockchain. All the aspects of the new digital era from the social prospective; DLT reshaping the bases of human affairs for the better.

15:15 - 16:00
Panel Discussion: The future of the blockchain technology.
The future of the cutting edge blockchain systems intoduced by the lleaders of the industry. What shall be expected next and what the potential challenges to mass adoption are? The concepts of tomrrow for smart economy.

16:00 - 17:30
Panel Discussion: Blockchain Applications.
Protocols and networks explained on real use-cases of project development: media, asset creation and distribution of information built on DLTs.

*only for VIP attendees with invitations

Registration & Coffee

Registration & Coffee

Opening Keynotes
Swiss Confederation and Canton Basel

Experts Dialog
Public Blockchain VS Private Blockchain

9:15 – 10:00
Panel Discussion: Crypto Finance sector and investment in blockchain
Experts talk about tokenized asset management: how to make effective decisions in blockchain-related investments. Learn the guide to successful assessment and portfolio management.

Panel Discussion
Most advanced DLT Protocols

10:00 – 10:45
Keynote and roundtable:
Marketing and blockchain: issue of "old" media and new approach to communication with audience

Expert Dialog and workshop:
ICO Ratings
Methodology, Trust rate, expertise level

10:45 – 11:30
Panel Discussion:
Next Industrial Revolution
The boosting opportunities of the DLT for advancing economies: how blockchain can help develop new markets and how do states and government enhance blockchain adoption in their markets.

11:30 – 11:45

11:45 – 12:30
Panel Discussion:
Crypto Markets & Exchanges
The transformation of cryptoexchanges: building the bridge to link crypto and fiat. The ways to provide healthy liquidity to the trade market. The current game rules for token listings.

Workshop for Family Offices
Private Funds: Portfolio management, strategies, services. Securities and Asset Tokenization, Bond and Asset backed tokens in DApp development

12:30 – 13:20
Panel Discussion:
Healthcare and lifescience on the blockchain.
Big Pharma on the blockchain; the pilot projects of DLT application to healthcare and lifescience; supply chain tracking, quality and third-party control, drug R&D solutions.

Blockchain on healthcare / lifescience
IMI consortium: regulation and governance

How to design a proper post-ICO strategy

13:30 – 15:00

15:00 - 15:45
Blockchain: Humanistic Approach
How to enhance diversity and mitigate inequality: why encourage women into blockchain? Supporting women to pursue opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem.

15:45 - 16:30
Panel Discussion:
Blockchain and Academia
Blockchain Education and R&D: what are the world's top universities doing in the field of education, preraring the new generations of professionals and competences on the market and what fundamental innovations are developed now in the blockchain industry?

16:30 - 17:15
Panel Discussion:
Blockchain Social Impact
Impact investment sector: priorities and value drivers. Financial inclusion and the life-changing DLT solutions from the social prospective; providing the basis for trustful interactions in B2B, B2C and C2C.

17:15 - 18:00
Panel Discussion:
ICO discussion & expertise
Fundamental changes and core transformation of the Token Offering market; Due-Diligence and assessment; Private and public investments to the ICO sector.

WIBS: networking apero and diversity in blockchain dinner*
*do not forget to book your place at [email protected]

18:00 - 18:30
Pitches of the winners of startup competition!

18:30 - 19:00
Presentation & Summit Summary


Nov 23, 2018, 9:00 AM , CET (UTC +1)
Nov 24, 2018, 6:00 PM , CET (UTC +1)
EURO 300–2500
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