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John Bowdre is an international motivational speaker and creative marketing business consultant. After alumni of Florida A&M UniversityHis early career experiences in finance consisted of conducting financial and strategy due diligence on Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms for internal marketing to ultra high net worth clients for several leading investment banks in New York.

After the financial crisis Bowdre reacted globally and launched his brand strategy group with a partnership in Shanghai China. Utilizing this platform Bowdre consulted small to midsized U.S. enterprises on best practices to expand strategic relationships within China. In addition to analyzing and synthesizing complex market data to advise clients, Bowdre created original branding strategy for local and multinational companies.

While living in Hong Kong Bowdre served as a trainer, coach, and counselor to diverse array of clients specializing in helping clients get started in cryptocurrency. This includes wallet setup, exchange support and an overview of the best security practices crypto safety

Bowdre along with his partners offer blockchain development services for creating tokens, smart contracts and other software solutions. They also provide code audits and project guidance for existing applications.

Bowdre has been invited to lecture and motivate the world over on the various topics such as the international trade, the future of foreign students in American education , leadership in the global economy, and understanding and overcoming challenges in an increasingly diverse global professional landscape.


GemBank is a marketplace and platform on which the fine gemstones of the world have been placed on the Blockchain and able to be traded digitally for the first time. These assets are available in a global exchange whereby ownership can be transferred from person to person or institution to institution.

We provide an environment for the general public, which previously was not a participant in the precious gems market, to get involved with one of the most stable asset classes in the world that they have traditionally not been a part of.

Michael Mann is an expert in the field of corporate financing and business credit building. He shares his knowledge on financing trends to help companies raise the needed funds to grow their business. Michael has the exceptional ability to think creatively and uniquely based on his client’s specific situation. He is the “Go-To Guy” clients trust when seeking additional capital.

As the Lead Business Consultant for MidWest Corporate Credit, Michael raises capital for start-ups, small businesses, and large businesses, Michael expertise ranges from raising capital for real estate projects, establishing start up funding for the enterprising entrepreneur, and securing working capital for large companies,

Obtain working capital to start a company, or grow and expand a existing business

- Work with an experienced consultant who understands their business, their objectives and their challenges, in order to successfully facilitate a beneficial transaction.

- Benefit from an established network commercial lending institutions (Public and Private) who will help jump start your business.


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