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About Ethverse

As a result of the legal enquiries due to the End User License Agreement of the gaming platform we are using, Ethverse is ceasing gaming operations and transitioning into something bigger. All the development done by the Ethverse team till date will be open sourced and will be available for anyone who wishes to carry the baton forward and make the vision of Ethverse a success. The trading of ETHV tokens will remain active on Uniswap until 4th May 2021, following that it will be used for adding liquidity for the swapped tokens for the new project.

We are fully committed to all the existing Ethverse token holders and we will not leave our community and token holders in lurch. We will open provision for ETHV holders to swap $ETHV 1:1 with $MERKLE tokens. We have recently been doing an extensive research and working with like minded people in this space to implement multi-chain support and interoperability of Ethverse tokens. We are fortunate to be a part of a breakthrough which will solve one of the biggest pain points of the crypto industry.

Our team will eventually transition to run and Ethverse token holders will be able to swap $ETHV tokens 1:1 with $MERKLE tokens.

This has not been an easy decision for us as we recently launched our mainnet after months of persistent hardwork. We still believe in the vision of Ethverse and hope to see someone making this project a reality.


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$ 4.972 K
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$ 36.12
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10.91 M 0XEEEEEEEEE2AF8D0E1940679860398308E0EF24D6
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