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The main purpose of ethbox is securing
peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions,
starting off with the Ethereum blockchain, and
then extending in any way possible to
other blockchains / networks.
As of now, Ether and ERC-20 can be transferred.
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Token Details
Token Distribution
35% Token sale
• 6.0% Strategic sale (token price: $ 0.038) – 7% unlocked at token generation
event (”TGE”), monthly distribution of other 93% over following 12 months
• 24% Private sale (token: $ 0.047) – 20% unlocked at TGE, monthly distribution
of other 80% over following 4 months
• 2.5% Public sale (token: $ 0.055) – Full unlock at TGE
• 2.5% Farmcubation (token: $ 0.050) – 50% unlocked at TGE, monthly distribution
of other 50% over following 2 months
18% Staking – Available for staking for 4 years, starting at TGE
16% Marketing – Monthly distribution over 24 months, starting 6 months after TGE
• 2% Marketing bonus / Bounty / Airdrop – Unlocked 7 months after TGE
• 2% Liquidity pool bonus – Monthly distribution over 6 months,
starting 6 months after liquidity pool
2% Referral system – Monthly distribution over 6 months, starting 6 months after TGE
3% Advisory – Monthly distribution over 12 months, starting at TGE
12% Team – Monthly distribution over 18 months, starting 12 months after TGE
10% Backup – Monthly distribution over 12 months, starting 24 months after TGE
4% Liquidity – Full unlock at TGE
Additional Details

About ETHbox

Respecting the decentralized nature of the blockchain and all its applications, it is
self-evident that a service such as ethbox needs to operate in a decentralized way as well,
not depending on any third-party instance for validation. This is guaranteed by the use of a
so-called “smart contract”.
To put it simple, a smart contract is a program that runs on the Ethereum network.
Everything that goes on inside and around that smart contract is transparent, visible and
accessible to everyone. The smart contract code itself is usually open source (it definitely is
in the case of ethbox).
Because of the underlying blockchain technology, there is no way a smart contract can be
altered or tampered with. The only interactions a smart contract lets you do are the ones it
is programmed to do – Which, as mentioned before, is something that anyone (with some
programming knowledge) can check and validate at any time.
What ethbox does is provide a digital escrow service – It serves as a trustable, transparent
and always-valid intermediary between two parties willing to send cryptocurrency one way
or both ways. Instead of sending funds directly to each other, funds are relayed through the
ethbox smart contract.
This brings a level of security to cryptocurrency peer-to-peer transactions that is
unprecedented and invaluable. At the expense of just a small additional fee to be paid by
the transacting parties, ethbox offers the safety of not having to worry about a mistyped or
simply wrong recipient address ever again.
Without ethbox, funds that have accidentally been sent to a wrong address are lost
irreversibly, as the blockchain architecture does not allow transactions to be reverted. With
ethbox, transactions can be reverted anytime, as long as they have not been fulfilled
(= picked up by the recipient).

Technical Info

• EBOX is a deflationary token, guaranteed by buying back and burning part of the generated fee.

• Reduced service cost / fee for all ethbox services by holding EBOX token

• Staking generates passive income for EBOX holders for 4 years following token generation

• Regular payout of profit share to EBOX token holders

• Governance gives voting rights for upcoming project-related decisions and enables EBOX holders to actively participate in the development of ethbox

ETHbox Roadmap

  • Q3 2020

  • • Idea generation
    •Team building
    • Definition / visualization of business model
    • Creating executive summary
    • Development kickstart - Smart contract based sending / receiving (basic feature)
    • Branding and logo design
    • Launch of teaser page
    • Finalization of development regarding basic smart contract functionality
    • Alpha release on Rinkeby Testnet
  • Q4 2020

  • • Internal market analysis
    • Pre-beta release on Rinkeby Testnet
    • Gathering investors and external stakeholders
    • Alliance with marketing partners
  • Q1 2021

  • • Definition of token metrics
    • Beta release on Rinkeby Testnet, including OTC feature
    • Lightpaper release
    • Code audit #1 with CertiK Foundation
    • Public Sale Round - Strategic sale
    • Code audit #2 with CertiK Foundation
    • Token generation event
    • Listing on DEX
    • Start of liquidity provider bonus program
  • Q2 2021

  • • Mainnet release
    • Marketing offensive
    • Gas fee optimization
    • Privacy feature upgrade
    • Implementation of staking
    • Chain extension with Polkadot
    • Adress book implementation
    • Development of payroll feature
    • Further expansion of roadmap


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