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Fully decentralized ERC20 casino with ERC20 and/or ETH wagering and payouts.
Jan 23, 2012
Feb 20, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 1 000.00 ETH
Hard cap 11 000.00 ETH
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Entertainment, Casino & Gambling


Ethace is a casino Dapp operating entirely on the Ethereum network. We will be the first and only Ethereum casino to offer ERC20 wagers as well as ERC20 payouts! Our first casino game is the very popular card game, Blackjack Challenge. Players will face off against the house where each wager and payout is completely processed through our provably fair and transparent Ethereum contract. There will be absolutely no deposits required as well as no delay in payouts. Traditional online casinos as well as physical casinos are unable to match the security, anonymity, and fairness we provide. Our goal is to achieve a premier gambling experience for our customers and a steady stream of profit for our token holders.

ETHACE Roadmap

  • Step 1

  • Crowd fund launch
  • Step 2

  • Official alpha launch on test net
    Third party security audit on game contract
    Develop Token contract (Only if required)
    Third party security audit on Token contract (Only if required)
  • Step 3

  • Live Soft launch of Ethace for ETH to ETH wagering and payouts only
  • Step 4

  • Complete ERC20 wagering/payout development
    Security audit on ERC20 smart contract
    ERC20 wagering/payout soft launch
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  • Step 5

  • Full launch of complete bankroll (tentative)
  • Step 6

  • Develop dividend smart contract
    Security audit on dividend smart contract
    Go live with dividend contract after security audits passed
    Development on new casino game begins
    New game official alpha launch on test net
    Third party security audit on game contract
  • Step 7

  • Develop new games for the Ethace platform
    Security audit for new games smart contracts
  • Step 8

  • Soft launch of new games
  • Step 9

  • Full launch of new games using full bankroll
  • Step 10

  • Create voting smart contract / use Aragon or other governance platform


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ETHACE Reviews

Is this investment good for you? It probably is. The Ethace’s ICO site is not really very informative and might even be suspicious (it has some English mistakes, which can be a red flag sometimes), but their White Paper is pretty well written and explains very well and clearly the goals of the company. Because of this, there is a good chance that you can trust in this company.

The dividends offered by the company look like they could deliver a good return on investment to you, so this is definitely a positive point. The company also seems to know its market well and have a good plan of business.

If you like this company, you can certainly invest in it. It seems like Ethance can be a good investment for you.

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