ETH Walkers

ETH Walkers

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A social metaverse game. The zombie apocalypse is heading to Miami. Will you survive?
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About ETH Walkers

The zombie virus that devastated and ultimately destroyed the small community of Portstown, Louisiana is spreading, and there seems to be very little hope of stopping it.

Individuals who mint this project will take on the identity of one of our game’s diverse characters and will join the other Miami locals in a choose-your-own-adventure, lore-driven fight to survive the apocalypse.

With art by Stephen Slesinski, Illustration Director for FX’s Emmy-winning show, Archer, every character takes on their own unique Floridian vibe. Character NFTs change throughout gameplay as they find weapons, build character attributes, and receive lore-driven layovers. The great transformation, of course, happens if your character gets bitten and turns from a human into a 1-to-1 zombified character.

ETH Walkers: Miami features a growing arsenal of character traits, new weapons, location-specific backdrops, a radically improved gameplay website, and so much more! For less than the cost of one day at a theme park or a few hours at a concert, you can take part in a 3-week-long, immersive multi-media gaming experience that you will not forget!

ETH Walkers is more than just an NFT you hold in your wallet, it is a rich metaverse experience where you get to play an active role.

We have built out our game world through a daily multi-media experience. You, however, create your own survival story, and your decisions have a direct effect on the events of the zombie apocalypse.

Come visit the diverse and thriving city of Miami. Take a stroll on the beach, listen to the news, pick up the musical vibes from the local radio personalities, and meet the shop owners and business leaders who make up the city.

Be assured… there is more to our version of Miami than meets the eye, and the secrets that lie within just may be the key to your survival…

ETH Walkers Team

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Stephen Slesinski
Art Director
Courtney Hicks
Derek Hanson
Project Manager
Matthew Carpenter
Story Architect
Max Houser
Contract & Game Developer
Chase Houser
Web3 Developer
Peter Conerly

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