Eternal Brawl

Eternal Brawl

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Eternal Brawl has been added to Viking Shield Trust's expanding library of play-to-earn games available through our Space Guild System. Viking Shield Trust is the developer of WarSindia, the first game to integrate NFT heroes, sandbox creation, and PvP battles into a single metaverse.
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About Eternal Brawl

Game Overview Generating Passive Income    
The virtual land of the Space Guild metaverse is divided into guild territories
that can be purchased by gaming enthusiasts who are then responsible to recruit members to their guild. Based on the number of guild members a particular guild territory has, it is then segregated into a basic, hero, and legendary guild types. ​
The basic threshold for a guild to be able to generate passive income is to have one-tenth or more of the total guild member population. So, passive income can only be generated when a particular guild’s population exceeds the specified ratio of the platform’s total strength. This encourages players to aggressively recruit more members and that results in the platform’s organic growth.  
Also, the rewards earned by every guild type are different and the highest is allocated to legendary
, which is the most populous guild type. Since the rewards are distributed amongst guild members, it encourages them also to promote Space Guild . So, collective efforts are encouraged, and it is not just the Guild owner who is responsible for the platform’s growth.

Eternal Brawl Roadmap

  • Q3 2022

  • Space Guild Website Release
    Space token Release
    Eternal Brawl Website Release
    Eternal Brawl - Summoning Stones Release
  • Q4 2022

  • Eternal Brawl - Beta test Release
    NFT Exchange Platform Release
    Social Community Platform Release
    Dora Battle Website Release
  • Q1 2023

  • WarSindia - Beta test Release
    First Amazing activity of Space Guild
    Onboarding new partners


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