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The first adult gaming ecosystem on BSC where people can play adult games, read adult comics and get paid in Binance Coin.
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Eroverse will not only build a platform that will host adult orientated games but will apply advancements in blockchain technology to improve upon the current platforms. This will be via adding Play2Earn to the games meaning users will be rewarded as they play. This combines the benefit of a collated space for a niche gaming area, with a reward mechanic which will encourage continued user engagement.

The Eroverse ecosystem gives both gamers and developers the chance to access earning opportunities. Users will need to connect a BEP-20 wallet that contains a certain amount of ERO in order to use the platform and access staking pools and earn playing games. Developers and artists will be free to set their own prices and rules to be able to access their products. Some may require aspecific NFT is in the users wallet, others may require the holding of more ERO’s, they will have freedom to decide within the realms of the ecosystem. As well as games, artists will also be able to sell artworks, comics, NFT’s and more, again setting the price and any other requirements for sale. The platform will receive a small fee on every transaction which will help fund the reward pool.


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