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About Enjin

The Enjin Website API is a JSON-RPC service that exposes data from your website in JSON format for creating your own features and website integrations. The API is currently in beta and will be receiving several updates as we come out with them. This being said, please be sure to check this source for any new features or updates as often as possible. If you feel our API is lacking certain features, please feel free to send us suggestions here. To retrieve data from our API, you'll be given a base URL, this is generally "yourwebsite.com/api/v1/api.php". To use SSL, make sure to use https:// instead of http:// (SSL is currently supported on *.enjin.com domains only). In addition to the full URL, some API calls require parameters and some of these parameters may be optional. Every possible parameter will be listed in each specific API section. Some API calls will require your secret API key. This is used to ensure the protection of sensitive data and prevent unknown users from executing certain actions (such as tagging or untagging a user). Your API key is only shown once when it is generated. Please write down the code and make sure your key is not being shared with other individuals. You can generate a new key if needed in your Admin Panel | Settings | API area. Finally, some API calls will also require a module ID, such as the shopping module. To learn where to find this information, please read this section. To get started, read over the following sections. After that, begin reading through some of the API calls.


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