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Apr 25, 2018

EnGameChain original purposes are to ensure fairness, safety and convenience of games and provide technical support and entertainment channels for it. The decentralization can expend the inherent concept of gambling, and provide open source systems for the participation and application of game developers. EnGameChain aims to create a public chain reforming the online entertainment and gambling industry.
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May 1, 2018
May 31, 2018
100% completed
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Platform, Entertainment, Casino & Gambling, Smart Contract

About EnGameChain

EnGameChain will adopt new-type blockchain technologies to fundamentally solve various pain points existing in the present gambling industry through “Trustless” in combination with masterly designed token system. EnGameChain will realize the establishment of open platform of the online gambling application on the blockchain based on the application clusters and users of the gambling entertainment and offline resources of special zone of the gambling grasped by the team. In brief, the advantages of using the blockchain as a solution are as below:
1. Guarantee users’ benefit: The data saved on the blockchain cannot be tampered. It is dependable, checkable and verifiable. The black box is avoided. Along with the use of “SDK” created independently by the platform, the application data on the platform is enabled real-time and dependable. Consequently, the entirely fair game results are realized.
2. Improve user experience: Users can access platform more conveniently without worries. The competitive mechanism of the platform helps users effectively choose the application as well.
3. Reduce the costs of operation and maintenance: The use of smart contract makes the process simplified and also greatly decreases the costs of human operation and maintenance.
Besides the innovative technology, EnGameChain has a strong compatibility in the design. It can faultlessly give consideration to digital asset users and non-digital asset users who carry out the activity of the gambling entertainment simultaneously by accessing EnGameChain. As a result, the existing operation system of the online gambling entertainment industry is not struck destructively either and the best seamless upgrade is made to the existing market players.
Users of EnGameChain can use digital assets such as BTC, ETH and EGC provided by the platform to make payment and bet on the game in the application of the platform, thus obtaining awards. EnGameCoin (EGC) is a digital economic behavior of measuring and embodying EnGameChain platform and a circulation medium of value as well. Making use of the issued token --- EGC, the platform establishes a complete ecological system among each subject of the whole industrial chain including users, channels, applications, agents and foundations to enable each different subject to generate different applications around EGC and obtain a benefit from the platform.


EnGameChain provides the relevant technical standard of the application platform and fair game to ensure fairness of game process and result of the gambling entertainment application and avoid the undeserved loss suffered by users because game result is manipulated by application providers (namely, CP).
EnGameChain expects to make itself an important source of revenue for development teams by closely cooperating with global gambling entertainment application developers and provides stable API interface, data analysis tool, simple access process and fair and healthy platform with benign competition for them, facilitating a rapid growth of small teams and offering stable revenue for big companies.
3. Legality
The legal concept of EnGameChain mainly refers to the security of policies and laws and regulations. The business models of the project and product structures violate by no means laws and regulations of the countries in which the operation is made. It does not touch the red line and completely avoids falling in grey zone. In other words, the products and operating model of EnGameChain are 100% compliant and legal.
EnGameChain devotes itself to reform the online gambling industry. However, it does not mean to simply cut the correlation with the original industrial chains. A flexible design of the model of the project ensures that digital asset users and non-digital asset users can have access to the platform and guarantees the best seamless access of basic user group and application group. It also provides users and market with transitional scheme besides creating application scenarios for the economy of blockchain.

Technical Info

1.Blockchain technology
The blockchain is a distributed data system participated by multiple nodes. Its biggest feature is to have no center node, unalterable and unforgeable. Due to numerous participant nodes, it can be said that it is a big account book owning self-confidence mechanism. Both any random data and the nodes in the blockchain have a chance to participate in bookkeeping. As data changes, the system will choose the nodes with the fastest speed of bookkeeping to record this information. Simultaneously, other people are notified to back up the data. In this way, every person in the system has a complete account book. It is because of the features mentioned above that the blockchain technology receives an extensive attention in many businesses that need to guarantee data consistency, fairness and impartiality.
In traditional online gambling business, all data are recorded in the central server. Users cannot see who bet. The detailed computational process of the games is unknowable. Besides, it cannot inquire whether the platforms cheat. Therefore, it is a great problem for users’ credibility on the platforms. EnGameChain brings the blockchain technology into the platform and keeps consumption records of users participating in the game in the blockchain, enabling all data to be reliable, checkable and verifiable. The algorithm of random events relied by the game will be also put in the blockchain and made public simultaneously. Through mutual confidence mechanism of the blockchain per se, self-verification process of the fairness of the platform is completed.
2.Smart contract
For users, smart contract can be seen as an automatically guaranteed account. As the specific conditions are met, the procedure will release and transfer funds.
In the technical level, smart contract is a code of storage, verification and execution in the blockchain. What is different from traditional service code is that all people can see smart contract because these codes and state of them are in the blockchain. In addition, smart contract does not depend on a certain specific hardware. As a matter of fact, the codes of smart contract are executed by the equipment participating in mining.
Smart contract is the assembly language of program design in the blockchain. The people usually compile it from more advanced language such as Solidity and special-purpose language similar to JavaScript. These codes can be easy to make interaction with the blockchain.
The execution of the codes is automatic. As its set conditions are met, smart contract in the blockchain will be executed automatically. Either it is successfully executed or all changes of state are cancelled, which can avoid the execution of the contract part.
3.PoW and PoS
Bitcoin realizes autonomy of property right and decentralization through public key system and PoW. However, if the simple transaction without discretion is made in a way of traceable responsibility as per definite rules, it is not necessary to pursue complete decentralization. For example, open source program does not require each person to independently compile source code but provide the compiled program for being downloaded. A few people are only needed to make compilation for verification. If the bookkeeping system in the blockchain can be designed to be a kind of certain and non-discretionary simple transaction with cryptographic evidence left after doing evil, such bookkeeping mechanism cannot pursue complete decentralization, thus obtaining higher efficiency.
POS is a kind of special transaction, called as coinsake. In the transaction of coinsake, block holders can consume coinage (coinage, coin-holding quantity * coin-holding time) to obtain interest and, simultaneously, a block and priority of using POS to create coin for main network generation. The first input of coinsake is called as kernel and the target agreement in line with a certain Hash is needed. Therefore, the generation of POS block is random. This process is similar to POW. However, an important distinction lies in that random hash operation is completed in a limited space. Unlike POW, it is sought in an unlimited space. Therefore, unnecessary energy consumption can be saved.

EnGameChain Roadmap

  • October, 2017

  • Establishment of core team
  • October, 2017

  • Completion of blockchain technology and business plan design
  • December, 2017

  • Release of EnGameChain White Paper and official website
  • January, 2018

  • Demo of EnGameChain's first application scenario of Texas Hold'em Poker was launched
  • Read More
  • May, 2018

  • Private placement of the project
  • December, 2018

  • Main chain development of EnGameChain is completed and launched
  • June, 2019

  • All applications are transferred to main chain, application platform is upgraded and open platform is released; EGCBank module is released


EnGameChain Team

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Ralph Cai
Li Minghao
Bin Deng
Huang Xiaobo
Project consultant
Luo Taizhou
Project consultant

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Bin Deng
Minghao Li

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Minghao Li
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I responsible for the development of relevant underlying blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, and the construction of public blockchain and other related technologies.
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