EMIT Protocol

EMIT Protocol

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As a complete decentralized(crypto) world , EMIT crypto technology is based on three different levels of continuously evolving information systems built from “Electronic Material Information Technology”. In the decentralized(crypto) world of EMIT, economic structures and cycles transcend those of the real world.
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About EMIT Protocol

If the crypto world is seen as a space that exists independently of the real world, the emergence of Defi brings a financial mechanism to this space. This raises several questions. Is the economic element of this world complete? Can it have the basic economic elements similar to the real world, such as a trust mechanism, production process, social division of labor, labor market, inventory cycle? Could these elements form the future direction of the crypto world after Defi? What kind of basic technical facilities and consensus algorithms can afford the development of such a decentralized world with economically viable elements?

The EMIT Core Protocol is a decentralized blockchain protocol, standards and rules for nodes in the EMIT Core decentralized network to maintain ledger data and interact with each other. These nodes operate independently and exchange information in a network environment, forming a scalable, efficient, and tamper-proof decentralized infrastructure.

The protocol is the cornerstone of the decentralized(crypto) world of EMIT, and as such it requires the following characteristics in addition to the basic features of a public blockchain, and faces the following challenges.

Consensus of all kinds without FT tokens, and natural cross-chain support. This will enable better use of existing blockchain assets, and will allow users to place their purpose on the ecosystem and the ecosystem assets on top of it, rather than on the assets defined by EMIT Core itself.



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