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Elitheum is a self sustaining growth project, which has an ever expanding ecosystem which generates revenue that is used to buy and then burn tokens to lock in the value of each purchase made. This also makes the project very deflationary to continue to reduce the total supply indefinitely.
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About Elitheum

Elitheum has its own coinvote site (elitecoins.net) which only lists projects that have been manually vetted to ensure they are as low risk as possible to potential investors. The BEP20 space is full of scams and Elitheum wants to make a safe haven for investors to find projects that can be deemed lower risk than unvetted ones. The coinvote platform also has ad space and featured projects sections which will generate revenue that will be pumped straight into the project. On top of this we are building a token vesting platform for added security that will further legitimise our coinvote site ethos.

In the future, Elitheum plans to become completely self sustaining, which means that even if there are no new investors, the price can still continue to grow due to the multiple streams of revenue being created in our ever growing eco system.

They also have a partnership with an educational personal finance platform which is monetised by Facebook that will generate ad revenue whilst teaching the community all the things that they never learnt in school. The whole project is about growth and that's why we named our company Elite Growth Protocol LTD

Elitheum has plans to build a blockchain which will provide fluidity for trades across various different networks as well as our own centralised exchange and partnerships with crypto pay platforms so that our market is completely open and accessible at any time.

Elitheum is not in competition with any other projects, but instead aims to collaborate with various other projects to help them grow, in order to help create a safer space for retail investors. The core values of Elitheum are; Security, transparency and growth. Each of the 3 core values will go hand in hand so that we can lead by example in what other projects should strive towards achieving.

The project has a detailed security audit which can be accessed on our website along with all of our social channels. The team at Elitheum are active 24/7 as they are spread around the world and each member engages in a positive manner with the community.


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