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Ecorise's goal is to have vast amounts of Natural Land 'locked' in the DAO Vault, ensuring its conservation, regeneration, and protection. These Real World Lands are decentralized in ownership as Ecorise and other participating DAO Members stake their Land. Ecorise DAO is creating a decentralized stable token and store-of-value called ECO. The ECO token is pegged using new methodologies of valuing Real Natural Land; the deflationary utility token called RISE helps ECO keep its peg. Bringing tangible Real World Assets and Natural Capital (RWA) to the Crypto economy is a game changer. Currently, stablecoins are either backed or pegged to fiat currencies. Holding stablecoins is great in times of market volatility, but if they are pegged to the USD for example, it means you are susceptible to inflation.
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About Ecorise

    The ECORISE Foundation allows ECORISEDAO to accrue Payment for Ecosystem Services from conservation and sustainable development locked assets approved by “Eco Governance”. Eco Governance is a community organized and operated process of managing the various aspects of the ECORISE Protocol.   ECO is a decentralized, Land-pegged token pegged to the Value of Real Land through an algorithm oracle controlled through the distribution and burning of RISE tokens. Resistant to hyperinflation and -deflation due to the relative low volatility of Land Value, ECORISE offers economic freedom from Government, Federal and Corporate caused inflation and an opportunity to anyone, anywhere to build equity through communal land stewardship.   ECORISE gives Humans an opportunity to buy back our planet from governments, corporations and profit-based resource extraction business through collective, shared stewardship of biodiverse ecosystems.   We are creating: ECOLOGICAL ECOSYSTEM ECONOMICS.
The ECORISE tokens will be created on the Solana blockchain.
The ECORISE Vision and mission is to have a Token pegged to Real (Land) Estate, for conservation and Sustainability.
  Two tokens are created.
  The first token, which is used for initial fundraising, staking, voting, and maintaining ECO token’s peg, will be the ECORISE governance token RISE (Ticker: RISE).
  This token fund is used to buy land for:    - Conservation (diverse and sensitive ecosystems, and endangered species protection, land value backed by unharvested timber, unmined resources,)
- Sustainable Development (i.e waste 2 energy systems, renewable energy, remediation of landfills, brownfields, regenerative agriculture etc.)
Once real estate has been purchased or staked by existing Land Owners, the land title document will go into a Property Title Vault, attached to the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The property title document will be transformed into an NFT (unique digital asset) and stored on the Blockchain. These properties will be locked in the Vault, solidifying ecosystem protection and preservation.
The second token, ECO, is created and algorithmically pegged by the value of Land purchased.
(Ticker: ECO)
A Token is created that is pegged to the land value. ECO Token can be used for a stable trading pair on platforms with a desire to offer inflation protected liquidity, and in turn meeting ESG goals.  

Ecorise Roadmap

  • 2021 Q3 - 2022 Q1 Conceptualization

  • Whitepaper
    Tokenomics of ECORISE
    Smart contract development
    Social Media presence
  • 2022 Q2 Genesis

  • RISE token IDO Launch.
    ECORISE DAO and Governance
    First ECORISE donation
    Onboard new community developers
    First audit
    Listing on Dex’s
    Listings on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and Blockfolio
  • 2022 Q3 Growth

  • Artist partnerships for ECORISE NFTs and NFT marketplace
    CEX exchange listings
    Partnerships with influencers
  • 2022 Q4 Evolution

  • ECO token Launch.
    Partnerships with other DeFi projects
    Audit on new DeFi smart contracts.


30 Days Growth:

Ecorise Team

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Corneile Uys
Founder and CEO
Booker Hobbs
Kyle Hinchey
Business Development & Media
Reinis Sietins
Legal and Corporate


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Zoran Kovacevic
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