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Earn $LINK Passively
EarnLink gives you the freedom to do what you enjoy and earn passively.
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About EarnLink

Easily Earn ChainLink.

Earn ChainLink by holding our token $eLINK, our token earns you link every time someone buys, sells or transfers their $eLINK token.

Whale/Dump Protection

To prevent whales we have multiple protections in place, such as:


  • It is impossible for a wallet to own more than 1% of the supply.
  • Selling is only possible after 2 hours, this prevents swing trading.
  • Selling more then 50k $eLINK is not possible at once, this makes it so the price is not heavily impacted.

    No Presale!

    We have not done any kind of presale, the token started of with 1.2 BNB paired with 85% of the total supply as liquidity.

    100% Locked LP

    All liquidity is locked through the token contract, it is locked based on a timelock. This timelock will be extended once it runs out.


    As a community token we will be doing peer-to-peer marketing, however we will also be doing intense paid marketing.


30 Days Growth:
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