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DORADO is a revolutionary Hyper Local Logistics platform on block chain which connects customers with local couriers, drones and robots who can deliver anything from any store or restaurants in minutes. Dorado is convinced that blockchain technology combined with smart contracts will be the core engine for the long-term delivery industry. Dorado is a high-tech company, and we are always looking for ways to innovate and give our customers an amazing experience.
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Feb 7, 2018
Apr 25, 2018
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About Dorado

Dorado's plan is to go beyond the food delivery, to innovate, to go global, to deliver anything customer wants, thus rebranding from “Foodout” to “Dorado” happened.

Dorado will transform the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. Our revolutionary HyperLocal Logistics platform on blockchain connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in a minute.

Since we started Foodout, an MVP of Dorado, we have been continuously transforming the way people order stuff. Combining its latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence driven chat-bot technology, deliveries by drone and robots with current Foodout’s infrastructure, operations, and big data from tens of millions of orders, Dorado ventures to re-invent the ordering experience on blockchain, while improving upon business inefficiencies caused by human.

“Using our own research, big data, and proprietary expertise, Dorado is developing tools that will change the way we choose, order and deliver goods. Modern lifestyles demand a much more tightly integrated service - nowadays almost anything can be ordered through apps and messengers lightning-fast, but the delivery industry has been too slow in adapting to these changes. This is where Dorado steps in with vision to be the catalyst of a major change”, explains Jonas Karosas, the co-founder of Dorado. Fortunately, we are not the only ones who believe in our vision to transform the industry. The business is backed by first-tier institutional investors. To date $4M has been raised in our mission to provide people with the easiest way to get stuff delivered.


Dorado will transform the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand.


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Dorado Team

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Xiaochen Zhang
President of Blockchain Frontier Group
Pedram Assadi
Head of Operations @ Uber Eats (Middle East)
Tomas Martunas
Chairman of Foodout Group. Managing Partner of Gol...
Vladimir Kholyazniko...
Co-Founder and CEO of KupiVIP
Ignas Mangevicius
Blockchain expert & Co-Founder of Edgeless
Volodymyr Kryvko
Managing Partner at CIG & Board Member
Mykhailo Daniuk
Chief Technology Officer
Julia Altenried
Smart Contract Expert
Stefan Höeller
Blockchain Architecture Design Specialist
Jonas Karosas
Co-Founder / CEO
Tadas Cekavicius
Chief of Business Development
Evgeny Tikhomirov
Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer
Erfan Hesam
Co-founder / Chief Innovations & Logistics Officer
Rasa Andriuškevičien...
Head of Commerce
Vaiva Budinaite
Head of Logistics
Eglė Gružauskienė
Head of Product
Eugenijus Toleikis
Head of Growth and Marketing
Ievgen Kazantsev
CEO at CIS/CEE Region
Ali Reza Sadeghian
Iran GM
Tanel Ader
Estonia GM
Eugenia Obrazova
Belarus GM
Lauris Kokins
Latvia GM
Justin Kundrot
Head of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Dorado Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

DORADO is a revolutionary Hyper Local Logistics platform on block chain which connects customers with local couriers, drones and robots who can deliver anything from any store or restaurants in minutes.


  • Efficient  delivery: The use of Dorado ensures that the orders placed by different users are easily delivered within  a few seconds with the help of robots  hence eliminating inefficiencies caused by human delivery
  • Affordability: The platform delivery fees is very low  hence encouraging many people to place their orders as well as guarantees an additional stream of revenue
  • Quick and easy orders: The platform enables users to easily place orders without going to the stores   and equally order eatables from restaurants or groceries with lots of efficiency
  • Security  :The use of the platform enables the involved stores to handle big data from millions of users which are safely stored through the use of block chain combined with smart contracts
  • Team: The platform  has credible team members with good track records for expansion and internationalization as the co-founder Evgeny Tikhomirov has successfully managed three biggest companies in Russia handing him top class business execution
  • White paper: The platform whitepaper is simple and understandable to all the users as it gives every fine details of the importance of then AI, Drones  and Couriers in improving the Food industry
  • Simple operations: The platform has no complications as the drones are easily to operate eliminating the need of human labour


  • The DOR token holders  have no legal rights in the management of the Food Forward organizations
  • The payment using the other crypto  currencies is not permitted by the platform
  • The platform lacks a well integrated mobile application with the token use to enable the users to place order easily


  • The use of DOR token should empower the token holders and give them more rights in the Food Forward organizations
  • The platform token should be made compatible with other crypto currencies and fiat for the users to comfortably use their proffered  crypto currency
  • The platform use should be extended to other service providing sectors


The platform ensures that users are easily served with their orders at their disposal which is facilitated through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Drone and Couriers making the platform viable. This project has a greater future application and I would highly invest in it   

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Expert Invested: $400
ICO review website

There is much promise in a profitable company that has captured market share. When it comes to the delivery of food, Dorado has found success. With many other competitive forces lingering in the same market, Dorado will likely stumble upon the great logistics warrior known as Amazon. Amazon has spent millions of dollars researching and fine tuning drone delivery that Dorado will be no match, you might as well invest in Amazon if drone delivery is your selling point for investment.

Using an Ethereum token to improve upon their current fiat model will prove to be a terrible mistake. We all know the current volatility of crypto currencies to be a roller coaster of ups and downs. No business or courier in their right mind would want to accept a token for payment, with no options for immediate options to convert to fiat, succumbing to the profit loss from token value as well as the heinous 30% commission will likely be detrimental to a business' success. Imagine selling products for a discount price due to commission, only to receive payment as a fluctuating asset that has to be dealt with, a commerce nightmare.

While AI, chatbots, mobile platforms, and drones lead the way in technology, Dorado has an unclear vision on how it can stabilize itself as a market leader. Locking 23% of the tokens for 3 years is nothing more than marketing gimmick. Initial early investors which received their large bonuses will likely commence their exit at the earliest opportunity. Investing in this business is a gamble, the long term gains likely won't be worth the wait.

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Adnan Javed
Blockchain Startup Advisor, Technologist, Inventor

Established business with tried and tested business model.
Team is experienced and has requisite startup and business expansion experience.
Whitepaper is thoroughly written.

The use of blockchain for this project is mainly to create an ecosystem for payments. This is a big challenge when competing tokens and coins with a substantially large customer base exist.

Hardcap is high in my opinion.

On boarding businesses & couriers to accept DOR tokens will be a challenge and may take time. 

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We think that Dorado is a great ICO because it uses not only blockchain, but AI technology, drones, and fast deliveries as apart of its vision. Thus, if the team follows its roadmap, Dorado could be an interesting ICO as it continues to develop.

Previous Experience: Dorado is made from the previous company Foodout which had already gained $60 Million in venture capitalist funds and made over 4 million deliveries world wide.
Large Team: With over 200+ members, Dorado has one of the largest teams starting out as an ICO. Each member is passionate and ready to bring the project forward.
Innovative Product: Dorado has already created drones that are able to deliver pizza in space. Their drones are an innovative addition to the delivery industry and can complete deliveries at a faster rate.

AI Uncertainty: We are uncertain how Dorado’s bots will perform once they are deployed.
Legal Issues: Due to the use of drones, Dorado might be restricted in some countries. We will have to see how this company expands and how countries react to its new product.

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