Dope Dudes

Dope Dudes

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Dope Dudes are 2,222 unique NFTs with over 350 assets which are to conquer the Solana marketplaces.
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About Dope Dudes

Dope Dudes are 2222 unique PFP avatars. We created over 350 assets paired with 8 traits. The possibilities are undetermined, and the assets are ranked by their rarity. Every single piece of the assets is hand drawn and quality is checked by our artist thoughtfully.

The Dope Dudes are living in Solana blockchain and they costs 0.5 SOL per mint. Let’s hop into the world of Dope Dudes to explore and rise to the moon with community.

Dope Dudes Roadmap

  • Pre-Sale Mint

  • 222 Whitelisted Dudes will be given opportunity to pre-mint a maximum of 3 Dope Dudes a few hours before the public mint launch, allowing the early supporters to secure their mint.
  • Public Mint

  • The remaining Dope Dudes will be minted by the public. We’ll ensure the minting process is smooth by stress-testing the Mint Website.
  • Early Supporter Rewards

  • 10 out of the first 1000 @Early Joiners in Discord will be airdropped a Dope Dudes NFT as a reward.
  • Rarity chart

  • The rarity chart will be released to the community after the public mint launched.
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  • Secondary Marketplace Listings

  • Team will work to ensure we are listed on all major secondary marketplace platforms, such as Solanart, Magic Eden, SolSea, Digitaleyes etc.
  • Add Funds to Community Wallet

  • We want to ensure the community shares the benefits of being part of Dope Dudes. 10% of the funds raised will be given back to the community.
  • Sweep Floors

  • The royalty of secondary marketplace sales will be used to sweep the floor of Dope Dudes.
  • Dope Merch Store

  • Team will be launching a merch store and 5% of the merchs profit will be given to the community wallet.

    The merch store would be consisting of dope items, and would facilitate payments in Crypto too. Holders would be able to save 25% of every purchase made on the Dope Store, By verifying their NFT at the end of the purchase.
  • The Future...

  • More info & events coming soon.


30 Days Growth:

Dope Dudes Team

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High Raja
Web & Blockchain Developer
Lead Designer
Market Reasearch Analyst
Community Manager
Adil Shah
NFT Consultant

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