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The dopamine network is a decentralized global platform for data & AI providers to monetize their IP. Envisioning the future data & AI industry as a global, cooperative and decentralized industry, the dopamine network is the pipeline for rewarding the various players in such an ecosystem, gradually introducing a new type of data processing economy.
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Jan 17, 2018
Jan 31, 2018
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About Dopamine

The dopamine ecosystem fits perfectly emergence of AI solutions:

  • Data
    Data is a valuable product for training AI systems , the dopamine ecosystems enables rewarding different data providers for training the same system.
  • Transfer learning
    AI systems that have been trained on a certain task can be reused for another task, the dopamine ecosystem enables rewarding entities for such a reuse without revealing their IP.
  • Deep systems
    The dopamine system enables different AI entities to cooperate and find a solution for a certain task , while getting rewarded, keeping their IP.
  • Conditional Rewarding
    The dopamine ecosystem enables rewarding data providers and processors based on the task success, incentivizing different entities for having

How it works

While a mass of data & AI providers offer their services on the dopamine network in return for predefined rewards, the dopamine network enables the data consumer to create data processing pipeline for solving it’s task.

  • You don’t need to fund giant firm for solving an AI problem.
  • No fees.
  • Maximal cooperation.
  • Maximal competition.
  • Everyone keeping their AI IP.


Is a product for training AI systems. The Dopamine ecosystems rewards different data providers for training the same system.

AI systems that have been trained on a certain task can be reused for another task. When one group reuses another entity’s AI system, the Dopamine ecosystem rewards this collaboration, all without revealing the original entity’s IP.

The Dopamine system enables different AI-based entities to collaborate and find novel solutions to complex challenges.

The Dopamine ecosystem rewards data and AI providers and processors based on their tool's success in solving specific problems.

Technical Info

See's code bootcamp on github for some technical code examples



Dopamine Team

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Uri Yerushalmi
Managing Founder
Xiuyuan Zheng
Algo Architect
Tal Heletz
AI Developer
Avraham Mahfuda
Full Stack Developer
Michael Dillon
Blockchain Developer
William Shi
Web Developer
5.0 4
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Dopamine Reviews

An interesting question was raised by the authors of this project - we really are the information storages and we simply do not know what to do with it. And do not even think about the possibility of somehow monetizing it.

Perhaps, if not completely absent commercial component of this project, it could become the very fount of information that at critical moments of the Earth's history, could make its invaluable contribution to resolve the pressing problems of mankind.

But after all, potential participants and users should know about such a system, as well as investors who may be ready to invest their money, but do not understand what their benefits will be.

Thus, this project can be invested exclusively in the framework of charitable assistance to science.

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The Dopamine Network aims to be the first ecosystem for decentralized collaborative processing networks (DCPN). It protects each participant’s IP while providing an incentive structure that encourages collaboration and problem solving in the AI community.

The goal of Dopamine is to democratize the AI and data industry, which has become increasingly dominated by deep pocket corporations. Smaller providers struggle to compete, and the industry is quickly becoming a monopoly.

To learn more about Dopamine, visit the dev team’s official website today at A token sale has not yet been scheduled, although we expect an ICO for DOPA tokens to take place sometime in the future.

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