Doge Alliance

Doge Alliance

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Created using Figma
A galactic co-op with the mission of elevating doge to new universal domains
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About Doge Alliance

Doge Alliance ($DOGEALLY) is a galactic co-op with the mission of elevating doge to new universal domains.

Doges made it to space but now we need to venture further. Therefore an alliance at service to all doges presumes to support the doge main mission that is to explore the metaverse.

The currency ($DOGEALLY) is a valuable resource used to propel doges to new galactic bounds. The joint partnership is able to build spaceships for inter-galactic travel powered by dogefusion33 and to provide mining, transportation and market-making incentives towards unrevealed planets in the unknown galaxies.

All Doge Alliance troopers (holders) will be able to carry missions throughout the Doge metaverse and get part of the available supply as rewards. These missions as described above are designed to engage with multiple-chains and several other tokens.

MISSIONS Doge Alliance has settled on planet Ossis Circini on the Canis Nebula. A modest 618 light-years away from our fellow oomans. Our Doge Space Station orbits around our planetary hub and that's where we co-ordinate our galactic operations. We've settled very close to Planet of the Apes bcoz banana lol and because all the apes we've found there reminded us of our ooman frens bac at home. We have close ties to Libum planet just across, but our resources are still based on Ossis Circini and Planet of the Apes. We have built a portal that grants safe passage to Doge Alliance troopers, for missions related to our allies. Lastly, we have the Pontis Wormhole that leads into unknown places in the universe... once the moon was enough, but now, we need to venture further into the vast openness of space. The mission log will have a vast number of tasks like mining operations on asteroids and planets, doge and cargo transportation, assisting the creation of bones and treats markets in new galaxies, marketing operations, wildlife and ooman protection operations, engineering operations, terraforming operations, FUD defense shield, FOMO enhancing batte field or canine AI assisted reproduction. Are you ready? Stay tuned for mission 1!


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