Dog Boss

Dog Boss

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DOGBOSS-Under the squeeze of DOGECOIN, the dog boss decided to fight back after more than a year of depression.
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About Dog Boss

In the turbulent environment, use your personal connections and everyone's recognition to revive the previous prosperity and momentum. He was co-founded with the help of a partner. They have a strong consensus and a strong community. It can create a prosperous environment for the turbulent currency circle, which is very much needed by Binance Smart Chain.

The dog boss hopes to display in front of the public in a completely different mode from before, so as to declare war on the big dog. Therefore, the dog boss came on stage in an extremely dazzling way and embarked on a journey alone. During the journey, the dog boss looked at his previous high-rise buildings, which belonged to him before, but he didn't protect these things. He knew how to defeat the enemy and dangerous situations. At the same time, the big dog looked for him everywhere. To prevent the dog boss from making a comeback, the big dog was surprised by the large group of friends he made and trusted when he returned to glory - a group of mutually supportive dog partners.

Akin to the aforementioned tale, the objective of $DOG BOSS's utility is to create a space wherein meme tokens are deployed and scrutinized for its legitimacy - which is a space needed in the Binance Smart Chain.


Dog Boss Roadmap

  • Q1 2021

  • ● Initial conception of idea, website creation, smart contract deployment.
    ● Roadmap & Whitepaper release.
    ● Fair Pre-Sale & Pancakeswap launch
    ● Marketing Campaigns.
  • Q1 2022

  • ● Coingecko CoinMarketCap Submissions.
    ● PancakeSwap & TrustWallet Icon update.
    ● Continue and expand talks with other cryptocurrency exchange partners.
    ● Social Media Growth & Marketing Boost.
  • Q2 2022

  • ● Intensive Marketing.
    ● Community polls for new exchanges (e.g. Hotbit) Big exchange listing Release the second utility.


30 Days Growth:
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