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About DIKEMEX Network

Dikemex Network, an end-to-end scalable live streaming platform that allows you to focus on developing live video applications and is the leading video delivery network powered by blockchain technology. Dikemex allows users to simultaneously watch video content and earn token rewards for forwarding videos to other users who are also viewing similar content. Similar to other sharing economy models, users opt-in and share content to relay videos to other users and earn token rewards for their contributions. Users can contribute to Dikemex Network on any PC, mobile device, or smart TV. For video platforms, integrating Dikemex into their video delivery stack enables them to reduce their video delivery cost, deepen viewer engagement, and drive incremental revenues. By spending less on video delivery infrastructure, and more on rewarding their users, Dikemex-enabled video platforms can grow their userbase and gain market share. The Dikemex network enables support for Turing-complete smart contracts. Smart Contracts usher in a whole new range of user experiences and new attribution models for DApps built on the network, Dikemex leverages smart contracts on the network that can allow item ownership to be fully digitized, innovative consumption-payment models, transparent royalty distribution, trustless crowdfunding, and more. This provides an extra layer of economic and social interaction that complements the core functionality of video and data delivery, while signicantly increasing platform engagement and user retention



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