Digital Gold Mine

Digital Gold Mine

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We aim to be one of the most trusted Gold-Backed Coin & Digital Banking services in the Crypto World Market. Everyone can invest and store their wealth with us.
May 15, 2022
Jun 15, 2022
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About Digital Gold Mine

There is no other asset as closely associated with the holding, exchange and preservation of value than gold. For thousands of years people have relied on gold as a secure, stable and safe store of their wealth. Physical gold carries no counterparty risk, which makes it an ideal vehicle to mitigate losses in times of market stress.

Gold is one of the most effective diversifiers that can serve as a hedge against downside price risk and inflation, particularly when considering the current elevated valuations of many global asset markets and the large debt levels in many economies. Investors rely on gold during periods of market uncertainty, pushing demand up when “risk on” assets tumble.

Furthermore, gold not only provides stability and diversification within a portfolio, it is also a historically proven source of positive returns in long-term investment strategies, often outperforming major asset classes.

Steady growth of emerging markets, such as China and India, continues to have a positive effect on overall consumer and investor demand. Meanwhile the critical role of gold in the electronics industry ensures rapid growth of industrial gold demand. Electric cars, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things, clean energy – hardly any high-tech sector that does not rely on the unique properties of gold as an industrial metal.

To meet this increased demand, global mine production has increased to all-time highs over the past 20 years. However, with surging exploration and production cost, and a declining rate at which new gold reserves are being discovered, it is believed that global mine supply will decline over the longer term.

Growing demand and declining supply are expected to add to gold’s intrinsic value and stability, while having a positive effect on its price.

Gold is not directly controlled by any central bank or government, nor has it been adversely affected by inflationary monetary policy. While central banks can directly impact the real value of their respective currencies, the value of gold is far less vulnerable to their expansionary monetary policy. Central banks can print money, but they cannot print gold. It is therefore largely independent from any particular fiat currency.


  1. Effective and Dynamic Platforms
  2. Credible Profitability
  3. Coin Efficiency
  4. Long Term Customer Relationship

Digital Gold Mine Team

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Jacky Wong
CEO and Founder
Krish Detter
Chief Financial Officer
Irfan Sheikh
Chief Technology Officer
Sanchai Tachatirakul
Chief Investment Officer
Jk Pwongkaew
Chief Marketing Officer
Nopphapadol Leaungru...
Chief Operating Officer
Michael Lee Lor. Pat...
Information Technology Director
Jk Srimoon
Chief of Global Business
H.e. Chris Lu
Chief of FinTech Officer
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