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Diagonal is a non-custodial protocol for recurring payments on Ethereum. Start receiving crypto native subscriptions today. Enabling crypto native subscriptions for Web3
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About Diagonal

Diagonal is a protocol for subscriptions on Ethereum. 

Diagonal seeks to empower creators through a secure, gas-efficient, composable protocol, making it incredibly easy to integrate on-going payments.  

Why Diagonal?


Streaming subscriptions

 Merchants get paid every second through streaming subscriptions, which are enabled by Superfluid.

Simply set and forget. Only a single on-chain transaction is required when subscribing and another transaction when unsubscribing, resulting in a smooth and gas-efficient experience.  

Your service on chain

 Decentralised and Secure

Diagonal is a fully decentralized payments provider, with all payment logic flowing through smart contracts.

Streaming subscriptions have powerful properties, such as real-time finality and settlement, eliminating counter-party risk, and ensuring you always get paid.

Secure and performant

 The smart contracts are audited, and our infrastructure is highly redundant and reliable.  

Go live quickly

They bring together everything you need, so you can integrate on-chain subscriptions today.



Get paid in any ERC20

 Get paid in your own token. Any ERC20 token can be made streameble through a simple wrap operation.


They support Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism, and all of their testnets.  

Fully composable

The  smart contracts are permissionless and fully composable. So you can safely build on-top of them.  

Gnosis integration

They build on-top of gnosis safe, so you can get paid straight to your treasury and transact securely.        


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