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The yield is formed by the "INDEX TRADERS" prop team, which has been successfully working on the currency market for more than 8 years
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About DepositCash

We are a team of proprietary traders who trade on the foreign exchange market

Every year we fix profits at the level of 20% - 40% per annum with the level of drawdown not more than - 20%. For comparison, the results of our trading activity are not inferior to such a fund as Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett). Our main achievement is stable trading results with manni-management compliance. Positive results are achieved by skillfully combining proprietary trading with money management and risk management.

Why Traders Index?

Optimizing trading strategies

​The trading strategies of the traders of the composite rating are used and optimized for the trading activity.

Distribution of capital between traders

​Distribution of capital among experienced traders reduces risks and increases profitability of trading account.

Control of trades Risk manager

​Risk manager controls the allocation of funds and optimizes trade risks

Optimizing trading strategies

Effective methods of monitoring and optimization of third-party strategies are applied. Selection of entry points, efficiency analysis, modeling, risk management, mani management. 


Distribution of capital between traders

The distribution of capital between experienced traders, reduces risks and increases the potential for profitability.  Trading activity is based on the trading strategies of successful traders, our rating. The key determinant, the stability of Index Traders trading accounts, is a sensible distribution of capital and risks.



Control of transactions by a risk manager

The profitability of a trader in the past does not guarantee good results in the future. Any trading strategy, can stop bringing profit and start to accumulate losses. Manager and risk manager, monitors any changes, conducts analysis of trading activity. In the case of a negative scenario or a change in trading strategy, it is replaced by a more effective one.

How are we better than our competitors?

It's no secret that retail trading is mostly unprofitable. This is due to the fact that in the ultra-competitive foreign exchange or stock market, you need to have a very high level of qualification to earn steadily. Therefore, the next step in the development of trading industry was the formation of social trading platforms (Zulutrade, E-toro, etc.) where experienced traders share trading signals for a fee. And indeed, the percentage of winners has grown from 5-7% of those who trade privately, to 20-30% of those who trade through such platforms. However, most investors are still losing money. By combining all the best in a single solution, we have made retail trading profitable and easy to use with blockchain.

Deposit Cash tokens


What do tokens give to investors, what is their potential? 

Investors' funds will be used to conduct trading activities on the foreign exchange market. The resulting profits will be reinvested in trading. The growth of the value of tokens will correlate with the growth of profitability on the trading account. Trading account is public, all transactions opened on it can be seen in real time, as well as view the history of transactions. Tokens give the investor an opportunity to have profit from the trading activity of the "Index Traders".

We open the project at the same time as the trading account. So that each investor from the start, could observe how the profit is earned! 

We do not publish a ready account with history, as it is often done for the purpose of manipulation. For example, we open a number of accounts with automatic trading. Some of them "live" up to 1 year, and some of them even more, which creates the illusion of profitability of the manager... But accounts that made a loss are not taken into account.

We have one account, and from the very beginning, the community can see every open trade and history of trades made in real time! 

Our interest: We do not charge a percentage of profit; we do not take money for copying signals. We take a one-time fee of 5% of the purchase amount of tokens. That is, if you transfer 100$, your trading account will be credited with 95$.

 Will there be an ICO?   The first series of DepositCash tokens will have 10,000 tokens available with an initial price of 1 token = $10. As the tokens sell out, they will be listed on the decentralized "UNISWAP" exchange. The tokens, in addition to correlation with the growth of profitability on the trading account (it will always be!), will give additional bonuses to the holders. 

  • - 25% of all income of the company, will be directed to the repurchase of tokens depositcash (dps). That can give a significant boost to the growth of their value on the exchange, because you can buy them only on it.

  • - Tokens can still be sold directly on the site, at a price equal to the yield on the trading account. (It will always be so!) That is, the token will be insured against depreciation on the exchange.

  • - Token holders can vote on key issues to be discussed on the forum.

  • - Participate in various company events, on priority rights.

  • - Reduced commission on the purchase of tokens of subsequent series

Technical Info

How much will ICO tokens go up in price?

No one can answer this question precisely. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the amount of fees after which the placement will take place on the exchange, is minimal, in the range of only $ 100,000! Accordingly, if in the future the demand for the project tokens will grow, its price will also increase.

 All future DepositCash tokens (dps2, dps3, etc.) will have no characteristics other than correlation to the growth of profitability in the trading account and will be sold and bought only through the site, without being placed on the stock exchange.

DepositCash Team

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The author of the project. Managing Director of "I...
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PR manager. Journalist.
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Lawyer, business angel
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Maxim Lanovsky
Risk manager
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Analyst of financial flows between adjacent market...
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