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Delta One

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The one-click shop for delta-neutral, sustainable yield strategies. Delta One is a yield generation protocol on Solana that offers novel delta-neutral and impermanent loss-free farming markets. Its mission is to create novel, easy-to-use Defi primitives that democratize the best risk-adjusted yield opportunities to achieve mass adoption of crypto investing.
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About Delta One

While everyone has a different risk-reward tolerance, we believe that most investors should not be doing manual asset management; yield farming, for instance, requires manual rebalancing, scouting for higher APY pools, and still holds the risk of impermanent loss. Automated and insured markets through structured strategies is the only way DeFi can reach mass adoption (1B+ users), and we are confident that Delta One on Solana is the place where that scale of adoption will start.

 Delta One is democratizing sustainable yield to the next billion users of DeFi through yield generating structured products and a delta-neutral stablecoin. These novel delta-neutral and impermanent loss free farming markets allow hedge funds and retail investors to price their risk, and easily hedge away unwanted exposure in a way that has never before been possible for liquidity provision.

Delta One’s suite of yield generation products allow users to set-and-forget their positions by de-risking their downside in a variety of ways.

Delta One's vaults sit in a highly attractive point in the risk-return spectrum due to being delta neutral, and having auto-compounded rewards.

Delta One's offers intelligent tools to automatially rebalance your portfolio, so you remain delta-neutral.  
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