Delta Ace

Delta Ace

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Bringing a lot of people into the space of crypto and metaverse for it is going to be the future.
We are bringing in the following platforms for the world
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About Delta Ace

  OUR MISSION To empower the crypto space by providing new experiences of some pre-existing platforms with greater usability and also adding some new good features to them. We will also bring in some new utilities with higher scalability.   OUR VISION The crypto space is getting crowded day by day. So, our vision is to explore the crypto ecosystem and provide users with top-notch platforms so the users can have benefits from it. And by the virtue of blockchain, it’s now possible to go decentralized in many ways.  


  • Reduced Transaction Tax.
  • Increased Stake APY.
  • Increased Rewards %.
  • Anti-Whales System.
  • Circuit Breaker System(It Prevents The Bots And The Whale From Dumping The Price).



Delta ace is not just a token it’s a grand project for bringing in various new experiences to the ecosystem. Delta land which is going to be the metaverse; it’s one of them.



A P2E earn game through which you can earn and entertain at the same time. It gonna be all fun. NFTs collection will be used as the characters in the battle.



The Defi with various referral rewards and lower fees.

  • Higher Staking Rewards.
  • High Farming Yields.
  • Launchpools With Exciting APY%.
  • It Will Also Enable The Holders Of The $ACED Token To Participate In The IDOs Of New Upcoming Projects.
  • Weekly Lottery For The Participants.


  • The Most Unique NFT Collection.
  • Introducing Into Metaverse.
  • Will Be Used In ACE BATTLES.
  • NFT Staking.




  • Shopping Store Where You Can Shop Anything With Crypto.
  • Not Only BTC And BNB But Also $ACED
  • Users Would Be Able To Shop With Other Reputable Cryptocurrencies As Well.


  • NFT Marketplace.
  • You Can List Your Single NFT Or An Entire Collection.


A decentralized wallet with some new features is rolling out soon.

  • Decentralized.
  • Staking
  • Dapps
  • Enhanced User Experience With Higher Scalability.


Get services from top-notch freelancers and pay them in cryptocurrency. This utility will provide users with extraordinary services conveniently.

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