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DeFiant will develop a deployable point of sale software for use at your favorite IRL merchants and service providers, as well as a DeFiant wallet with a tap to pay function and physical debit cards. Select retailers will begin to accept DeFi...
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About DeFiant

DeFiant is revolutionizing the utility token DeFi space. DeFiant is a reflectionary token on the Binance Smart Chain, designed to solve a problem in the DeFi space. Bringing DeFi into mainstream use with its energy drink, full line of DeFiant products, and ecosystem integrations/platforms! DeFiant will be revolutionary in execution of its business plan and the unique buyback/burn executed through the sales of DeFiant products and use of DeFiant ecosystem. DeFiant is the future! Blockchain offers innovative solutions for existing applications. Two of the most exciting applications are supply chain and finance. Blockchain will be the gold standard for supply chain, and it will revolutionize the current financial system. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) will make a game-changing impact on the world in dozens of different economic dimensions. DeFi can address many of the flaws in the existing financial systems, including giving the unbanked access to the financial system. In the coming years, DeFi can offer improved transparency, more robust security while replacing many of the outdated processes.

What is Decentralized Finance?
Decentralized Finance, or Open Finance, is all about creating a global, decentralized alternative to every financial service that exists today, including insurance, savings, loans, etc. It will bring financial activities to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. The objective of DeFi is to bring financial services to 1.7 billion unbanked people and catapult them into the global economic system. DeFi services will be decentralized Apps (dApps) that operate on a blockchain, for example, Binance. They leverage smart contracts to automate many of the functionalities in financial services. Although such dApps remove the need for trust in the absence of a centralized governing body, any organization developing dApps requires a strong focus on data governance. Laws, rules and regulations can be programmed into a blockchain or token so that they are enforced automatically. This will make governance in the financial sector easier, or even automatic, although it will still require, of course, a lot of attention. Nevertheless, a distributed ledger can act as legal evidence for data, increasing the importance of data ownership, data transparency and auditability and offering unique advantages over the existing financial system.


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