Deez Guys

Deez Guys

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Made with 100% love, this, first gen, 9k generative art project focuses on leveraging the essence of an NFT avatar, to unify a community and create connected experiences all the while, allowing people to form truly unique personas
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About Deez Guys

You ask us, who are DeezGuys.. and our response is, we really don't know...... this is for you to decide. As they stand, they are an amalgamation of cultural noise, combined into a beautiful and unique shell, a shell, as bespoke as it is, sits shoulder to shoulder in a recognizable community. Is your DG a representation of you in the online world we live in, or, when you take on this digital disguise are you breathing life into something brand new that grows beyond the confines of your own personality. You create DeezGuys, you build the connected world around them.

Deez Guys Roadmap

  • To be bold and visable

  • We want to work with you, the community, to find engaging ways to make the art style and Deezguys more iconic and recognisable around the world. Let's share opportunities together, to build brands through characters, share artwork and push it into the public domain. Let's also consider the expansion opportunities of character and art, through traditional and digital mediums.
  • To bring them to life

  • As you build your character persona through art and social, we want to explore new ways to play and engage. Let's look at the digital ecosy stem and opportunities to expand the reasons for being. We have some really exciting ideas around this, so watch this space.
  • To reward support

  • An obvious one we know, but we want to make sure this is front and centre and that we are always introducing super exciting perks, from air drops right the way through to a seat at the big table for our thought leaders.
  • To connect as a community

  • Although this project champions the anonymity through DeezGuys, we want to drive activations that bring each of our owners closer together, Through IRL activities and group development. We all have a shared passion here, so let’s band together


30 Days Growth:

Deez Guys Last News

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