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Deblox brings game providers, players, and crypto investors together with a fair launch mechanism using cutting-edge blockchain technology, which allows boundaryless, permissionless accessiability and transparency to all game players and games across the platform.
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About Deblox

Deblox brings game providers, players, and crypto investors together with a fair launch mechanism using cutting-edge blockchain technology, which allows boundaryless, permissionless accessibility and transparency to all games or dApps across the platform. The platform starts from a bunch of certain popular games from web2 world, and empower them with a "play-to-earn" model, which encourages game players or even Defi users and NFT collectors to play various games, collect and win cryptocurrency or NFTs. Deblox also targets to build community driven society, all the platform token holders will be able to vote how the platform looks like via digital decentralized autonomous organization(DAO), on top of that, users will be able to play together, trade NFTs in the marketplace, and etc. Decentralized Game Platform Deblox is a game platform by introducing a brand new concept of "Game Slot", that links various game providers and game players virtually It's still early days in decentralised platform nowadays, there is yet a matured game platform for users, and Deblox is a user-centric platform that provides a safe, convenient, and fun place to play and earn:
  •   First thing first, user assets are safe. It's secured by Deblox unique Game Slot. Decentralised area is full of adventures, and we still see different kinds of rug pulls and unknown risks every day. In Deblox, user funds are managed in Smart Contract with pay-per-use model, and contact with game providers indirectly.
  •   Have trouble finding a nice game for you? Deblox can help you with this! Deblox always promotes popular games to the users, various airdrops and campaigns will be hosted periodically and help users to try out different games for free! Deblox will actively seek popular game providers to join our game list and ensure the best gaming experience
  •   Last but not least, it's also a great platform for users to earn something while they play the games, Staking and trading NFT, more cool stuff to be announced soon!
On the other hand, it resolves 3 problems for the game providers:
  •   Fast and easy onboarding to blockchain
    •   There are a lot of game providers are rushing in the blockchain and hop-up a "GameFi" or "Play-to-earn" model, the most popular decentralized approach to engage game players and reward crypto tokens back to game players. However, there is a big technical barrier or "culture shock" to bring a traditional game into a blockchain-based game.
    •   With the Deblox Game Platform, we believe it would make it easy and fast significantly to convert a traditional game into a blockchain-based one.
  •   Acquire users
    •   The next critical problem will always be acquiring users. There are a few hundreds of new games coming into this place, but who will survive with sufficient game players eventually? Few!
    •   Deblox plaform is a potential solution as a decentralised game hub that game players can play and win rewards when they play! It will form up a strong community with huge loyal users to play and earn on this platform
    •   Deblox will run different kinds of promotions and campaigns for all newcomers and existing players periodically, stay tuned in our Communities!
  •   Financial system
    •   Deblox platform itself is built on blockchian with a financial system natively
    •   Deblox platform will initiate its own platform token DGS (Stands for Deblox GameS), which is a BEP20 compatible crypto token for all the activities in Deblox platform, like buy game points, stake to earn, trade with other tokens and etc.
    •   This allows game providers to earn DGS tokens every time users buy game points
    •   For more information, please refer to DGS token DGS token


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