Dear, Ella

Dear, Ella

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Ella's uncle, Zenon, staged a revolt against Ella's father, the king of Esperansa Kingdom, and killed him, claiming his throne. He then proceeded to murder Ella as well.
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About Dear, Ella

However, thanks to the mysterious pendant that she inherited from her mother, Ella managed to come back to life. When she opened her eyes, Ella found herself in a world set sometime in the future. She knew that this was her last opportunity to change her fate. Will Ella be able to avenge her late father and rebuild the kingdom?


Through various in-game battles, players can earn special currencies—Rubies and Crystals. These currencies can be exchanged for game tokens at C2X Vault, and these tokens are used in the Xpla Blockchain Ecosystem.



Explore various regions, including a vast desert, the Land of Elves, and even the Deep Sea, as you prepare for the ultimate battle!


Craft and enhance gear to power up your heroes!


Collect heroes and weapons to assist Ella on her adventure.


Turn your heroes into NFT collectibles and enjoy your adventure to the fullest!!


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