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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the biggest douche or douchette on the planet? Well this site will allow you to experience that and more! All you have to do is own the most amount of our DBT(Douchebag Token) at the end of the month and you'll be crowned the biggest douche or douchette in the land. The number one spot gets bragging rights and prizes so join in on the hype today by clicking on the getting started post to the right!
May 1, 2018
Jun 1, 2018
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About DBT

Douchebag Tokens (DBT) are a friendly way to show our friends what we truly think of them. Each month, the Biggest Douchebag will be rewarded by the creative team of DBT with a prize. These tokens will be able to be used in our marketplace to purchase Douchebag Gear for your favorite Douchebag. We will have many things for you to get them for the perfect present. DBT’s are a fun, friendly way to have fun with your friends and coworkers. Send some to that friend who is always giving you a hard time and let them research what you gave them. Maybe they will get the hint?! Set a side pool at work to see who can get the most DBT by being the biggest douchebag. Collect as much DBT as you can from your friends and then thank them for purchasing that Douchebag Shirt or Douchebag Hat that you wear proudly when you see them. DBT is brought to you by Top Dog Development, LLC (TDD). We are a company utilizing Bitcoin and Alternate Cryptocurrencies as our only form of payment. We wish to get away from centralized forms of payment and allow for a more diverse spread of wealth to the people who make all of the money possible. Douchebag Tokens are an easy way for the ,new to cryptocurrencies, “Noob” to get used to the nuances of cryptos. For those that are veterans, have fun with a new coin that is all about showing people what you think of them. DBT will only be officially used for DBT events and purchases in TDD Marketplace. No other uses are planned at this moment. Users may use them for whatever purposes they deem perfect for their circumstances. I know some who will use them to quit their job in the most creative way. (Give boss a DBT and let him figure out what it is) TDD, LLC is developing a real-time price fluctuation algorithm to show a current price for accepted cryptocurrencies in the marketplace to help facilitate an even price for products. This algorithm will help to stabilize volatile market prices that are seen in today’s market. With this algorithm, TDD marketplace will be able to set a given price for a product in fiat (Current paper currencies) and will fluctuate with the market. No more worries that a cryptocurrency will go down in price and products will be worthless. DBT are ERC20 tokens that are created for having fun. No douchebags were harmed in the creation of this token. TDD has created a marketplace where DBT and other cryptocurrencies can be used for purchasing our products. Our tokens are not in anyway expected to go up in price. The initial setting price is $ 0.10 USD. What is $ 0.10 to show someone how you feel about them? As with all cryptocurrencies, there is risk involved when purchasing these DBT tokens. DBT tokens are not designated nor designed as securities. There is no implied or stated expectation of increase in value of DBT tokens. These tokens are just for fun and will help with the further development of TDD, LLC enterprises. TDD, LLC does not guarantee the future price of DBT.


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