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May 7, 2019

Dapp.com is an analytics-driven App Store for Decentralized Apps that allows everyone to discover, analyze and use all dapps easily. As a unified entry point for the future of decentralized apps, Dapp.com facilitate the growth of decentralized applications through a range of functions and products. By collecting data on transaction activities and user actions on the blockchain and applying custom algorithms, Dapp.com provides trusted analytics of every dapp in the market. Through the Dapp Store wallet and decentralized Multi-Blockchain Identity Network (MIN), users can access to dapps from all blockchains without repeated account setups and wallet installations for separated blockchains. The cross-chain dapp SDKs will empower dapp development by enabling extension and migration of dapps to different blockchains based on their business needs.
Private Sale
May, 2019
May, 2019
73% completed
$200 000
33% goal completed
Goal 600 000.00 USD
Cap 600 000.00 USD
  • 1 DAPPT
    0.0044 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Token Sale - 15%
Angel Investors and Strategic Investors - 15%
Advisors - 5%
Founding Team - 15%
Community and Ecosystem Expansion - 15%
Foundation Reserve - 25%
Dapp Incubation Fund - 10%
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Country
Bonus Structure
Private Sale - 20% Bonus with 5-months lock-up
Presale - 10% Bonus. Bonus with a 6-months lock-up
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About Dapp.com

Dapp.com is the world’s largest dapp distribution platform. Dapp.com lists over 2,200 dapps that are built on seven major blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Steem, TomoChain, IOST and Blockstack. Our platform showcases dapps based on trusted dapp data analytics, community reviews and user comments. We are the first global platform to launch IOST, TomoChain and Blockstack dapps exclusively. We work closely with over 50 of the best decentralized apps in the world, including CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, Bancor, Kyber Network, OpenSea and more - as well as publicly listed companies, such as Animoca Brands.


Dapp.com also has the largest decentralized app community in the world. We have 150,000+ monthly unique visits from all over the world; over 100,000 registered users; and over 100,000 followers across our social media channels. Our community and users have generated over 5,000 unique reviews and valuable comments for dapps. The quarterly Dapp Market Reports released by Dapp.com have been read by over 15,000 readers, and covered and reported on by top tech and financial media, such as TechCrunch, Yahoo, TNW, Cointelegraph and more. As the top search result for ‘dapp’ and related keywords on Google, Dapp.com is the obvious starting point for users and tech companies to explore, experience and analyze decentralized apps.

Dapp.com Roadmap

  • 6/2018-3/2019 (Completed)

  • Received $1M+ angel investment
    Launched product 2.0 with the algorithm for Dapp.com Ranking
    Built a fully functional mobile dapp wallet for Ethereum blockchain
    Launch of 7 mainstream blockchain dapps with data analysis
    Number of registered users reaches 100,000
    Multilingual support in 7 countries
  • Dapp Store Wallet

  • A built-in wallet solution with Dapp.com to provide seamless experience for everyone to use dapps from all different blockchains easily.
  • Market Intelligence

  • A market data tool for VCs, developers, and researchers to gain a deep understanding of the dapp market landscape including growth tendency, usage, and engagement metrics etc.
  • Dapp Analytics

  • A comprehensive analytics tool built for dapp developers to better evaluate the performance of their product, users and marketing etc. Get to know about the competitors and find the right group of users with an easy-to-use interface.
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  • Multi-Blockchain Identity Network (MIN)

  • A decentralized tool built to create easy access to all dapps. MIN is to get rid of the complexity of creating and managing multiple accounts from different blockchains. Users will only need to manage one set of Mnemonic phrase that connects all their wallet addresses/accounts from different blockchains.
  • Cross-Chain Dapp SDK

  • A multi-blockchain development toolkit that gives developers the easy ability to extend their deployed dapps to multiple blockchains, or migrate them to other blockchains, based on their business needs.


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Dapp.com Team

Verified 14%

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Kyle Lu
Founder & CEO
Eric Jiang
Co-Founder & CTO
Jun Gong
Co-Founder & COO
Haoda Wang
Lead Developer
Wladislav Glad
Design Director
Junye Yang
Back-end Developer
Benjamin Woo
Head of Korea Market

Dapp.com Interviews

Kyle Lu
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm the founder and CEO of Dapp.com. We are building the App Store for the next-generation apps together with the largest community in the space. Prior to Dapp.com, As the partner and VP Global Ecosystem for Achain, I incubated over 10 dapps and took Achain from a Chinese project to a global blockchain with a top 80 market cap. I am also an author for Hackernoon, Good Audience and other publications and is a regular speaker on dapp market analysis and blockchain adoption.
What do you think about idea?
Decentralized applications are still in the early stages of development but they have initially proven their value, and have created a large and fast-growing new economy. But they have offered a very poor user experience to date with requirements of wallet installation, account setup, token acquisition etc. for different blockchains. Building Dapp.com to be the unified entry point for the future of decentralized apps is for the growth of the blockchain industry.

Dapp.com Last News

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