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The Cyphai protocol is a byproduct of two emerging technologies that are disrupting their respective fields. It utilizes the anonymous and distributed nature of smart contracts, and the intelligent problem-solving aspect of machine learning. This will allow us to create decentralized learning and marketplaces platforms and to develop a unique AI.
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About Cyphai

Trustless Machine Learning Contracts

The protocol helps users solicit machine learning models for a given fee. The protocol does not require trust and works completely on a decentralized blockchain.

  Decentralized Marketplace

The protocol will potentially create a new marketplace where no middlemen is required. It’ll further democratize machine learning models, and increase opportunity in acquiring these models.

  Problem solving AI

Ability to access and develop blockchain-based AI / ML algorithms. The Cyphai protocol allows you to develop and access a wide range of machine learning and artificial intelligence tasks available in the blockchain. The protocol creates interesting opportunities like GPU mining arbitrage and introduces an automated self-improvement system for AI agents.

Cyphai Roadmap

  • 1980

  • The really first work on Model began in the 80s when Robert Michit decided to start his own research laboratory in mechanics issues.
  • 2006

  • model implementation and development:
    The latest appointment of the model was made by 3 european program (Capwin for school education, Erasmus for university education, Scheme for refugees Mentoring, and Leonardo).
  • 2008

  • Robert Michit enpower the model with all the Artificial intelligence tools and capacities in order to make it available to everyone and let all the developers improve it at its maximum capabilities.
  • 2010

  • First AI software created by Robert Michit team.
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  • 2018

  • Creation of three AI programs based on the model of laws and triads by Robert Michit.
  • 2019

  • Research on blockchain and smart contracts to be able to create a decentralized problem-solving AI.
  • Q3 2020

  • Creation and deployment of Trustless Machine Learning Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain as MVP
  • Q3 2020 => Q4 2021

  • Fundraising, Seed and private sale. Creation of the decentralized web platform by integrating our Trustless Machine Learning Contracts. Research and development of our own blockchain and AI for problem-solving.
  • Q1 2022 => Q4 2022

  • ecruitment campaign and expansion of our offices to boost and improve project development. Mainnet and testnet launch, block explorer & Cyphai wallet launch and first release of our decentralized AI on the Cyphai blockchain. Mining and/or staking rewards for Cyphai token holders and users of our marketplaces & smarts contracts.
  • Q4 2023

  • Release of our decentralized Cyphai AI which will integrate at this stage all the laws and triad methods of Robert Michit. Creation and release of a powerful cryptocurrency trading bot that will combine machine learning, AI predictions and market analysis.
  • Q4 2024

  • Creation of a decentralized and centralized exchange platform with the aim of exchanging cryptocurrencies and models of trading machine learning, trading data and AI algorithms for trading bots.
  • Q4 2025

  • If the company's funds allow us at that time we will introduce on the market an intelligent and biometric credit card (it will also act as a crypto hardware wallet) which will detect fraudulent sites and payments, the card AI will also reduce genuine transactions being declined.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

4 080 274
-1 614 781

Cyphai Team

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Robert Michit
Youssef Azzouzi


$3 210 000

Mourad Redjah
COO, Blockchain and Smart contract Developer
Leopold Lessasy
Academic, speaker and panelist
Olivier Gilles
Professional Coach, Management Trainer and Researc...

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