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CURF is a specialty watersports company, based out of Germany. They are looking to develop next-gen jetboards through the integration of rapidly-developing electric motors.

Simply put, CURF has designed an electrically powered, self-propelled, surfboard with eye-popping specs.
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About CURF

The CURF e-Surfboard operates with two lithium-ion batteries, which you can replace in seconds thanks to the one-of-a-kind plug & play replaceable battery system. With a new battery pack, you can hop right back on the board after a ride – for even more water, sun and excitement. 

Extra battery sets are available as accessories. The lithium-ion batteries in the big battery require 2 hours of charging (with quick-charger, available option) for 40 minutes of operating time – the smaller battery requires 1 hour of charging for 20 minutes of pure surfing pleasure.

It doesn’t get any easier than this: hop on – rev up – and go. Learning to ride the CURF electric surfboard is quick and easy. You can ride standing, sitting or lying down. The board’s unmatched power gets you up to cruising speed in no time.

The width of the board makes it very stable and unlikely to capsize, and the material is extremely durable. The output of the variable-speed motor is controlled via the steering cable, enabling you to quickly and easily accelerate from a relaxed cruise to a top speed of 38 mp/h*. The components are easily replaceable. The CURF electric surfboard offers a new dimension in surfing – whether for young or old, beginners or surfing pros, family or athletes. 

Steering is easy to learn and can be performed by simply shifting your weight on the board. The steering cable makes it easy to ride standing and to master sharp turns. The throttle is located on the handle, allowing for precise control of the output of the variable-speed engine. Experienced riders can master even sharper turns by shifting their own body weight on the board.

Safety is a number one concern for us. The CURF electric surfboard includes a magnetic emergency stop mechanism which shuts down the board if you fall off. The electric battery system offers considerably more safety and comfort than watercrafts which run on flammable liquid fuels. The newly developed shape is highly stable and resistant to impacts and torsion.


These e-surfboards could be just the first step in a line of products. For instance, the electric motors, swappable batteries, and other technology put into them could easily be utilized in other form factors. A self-propelled kayak sounds like a fun time!

CURF is actively looking for investors. To fund the continued development of their product, the team will be utilizing NeuFund in early 2019. Through use of the NeuFund platform, CURF will hold an STO. In doing so, the team will be able to capitalize on a new means of fundraising as the digital securities market begins to boom. This STO will see investors receive equity within the company in return for their contributions.

To date, CURF has already received multiple seed investments, making the likelihood of a bright future even more probable – Dercks-Kohler is one such investor.



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