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CryptoCrocS are 10 collections of 1000 Croc NFTs unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.
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CryptoCrocs Roadmap

  • 01

  • SwampCrocS will be the First of 10 drops, containing 1000 one-off digital assets, allowing Hunters their first opportunity of bagging a Croc.
  • 02

  • Thank yous will be gifted to my Team and the amazing people who assisted in this endeavour.
  • 03

  • Competitions will be run in our communities to win assets.
  • 04

  • Surf's Up! The Second drop of 1000 unique collectables will feature The Beach.
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  • 05

  • 10 randomly selected BeachCrocS will be Airdropped to 10 random Hunters of SwampCrocS.
  • 06

  • An Auction of 5 randomly selected CrocS will be held, with all proceeds donated to:
    ( Who's Crocodile Conservation Program is second to none, and home to some of our Antipodean cousins )
  • 07

  • The Third drop features The Mountains and sees our scaly friends hitting the slopes.
  • 08

  • 10 randomly selected MountainCrocS will be Airdropped to 10 random Hunters of CryptoCrocS.
  • 09

  • Themed Galleries will be made available to all Hunters of a CryptoCroc.
  • 10

  • Future drops, including CryptoGatorS & CryptoCaimanS the CrocS smaller cousins.
  • 11

  • Future destinations including The City, Desert, Space, 3D & Animated to be announced in our communities, and will be added to: The Swamp pre-drop.

CryptoCrocs Last News

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