Cryptoapehome Biz

Cryptoapehome Biz

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
New Blockchain CryPtoApe for Metaverse Games
The real metaverse game starts now.
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About Cryptoapehome Biz

Secure Storage

The platform helps investors to make easy to purchase and sell their tokens

  high growth

High level marketing promotion

  Exchange Service

The system pays airdrop to individual initial participants.

Investment Projects

best investment project


The system pays airdrop to individual initial participants.

Cryptoapehome Biz Roadmap

  • 1

    Coin issuance
  • 2

  • Website
    Website development, presale
  • 3

  • exchanges
    Listed on global exchanges
  • 4

  • large exchanges
    Partnership Building
  • Read More
  • 5

  • add exchanges
    NFT Metaverse
  • 6

  • App
    App development
  • 7

  • commercialization
    App actual commercialization
  • 8

  • new platform
    Activation of trading within the exchange, opening of a new platform
  • 9

  • staking and farming pools
    Incubation of in-house projects Integration of staking and farming pools to maximize community profits
  • 10

  • game launch
    A focus on building partnerships with gaming studios and ecosystems to support the game launch and tokenization
  • 11

  • NFT and metaverse game
    In-house gaming studio focused on NFT and metaverse game production Incorporation of the yield farming CryptoApe
  • 12

  • CryptoApe game
    Release of the first CryptoApe in-house game
  • 13

  • land sales and DEX
    Release of the second in-house game along with land sales and DEX


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