Crypto Island

Crypto Island

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We’re buying a private island & decentralizing it for the community. Let’s make history, together.
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About Crypto Island

Crypto Island is community-driven

CISLA (Crypto Island Token) is set to break the boundaries between practicing decentralizing in the digital space, and adoption in the physical realm of everyday life.But we’re one-upping this by doing it all on a private island.By owning CISLA, you earn your place as a co-builder of the community, and very importantly, a co-owner of Crypto Island itself.

Step up to the plate

Crypto Island is essentially real-estate that will be built upon the like of its people: YOU.

With our no-nonsense tokenomics, investing means you’ve contributed to the livelihood. The 10% fee ensures a sustainable liquidity pool, and a reasonable cost of living in the island for its whole population.

Take a crucial step

You are on the threshold of creating the world’s first decentralised private island. Cross it today by joining us in becoming a co-owner of Crypto Island.


Crypto Island Team

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Dan Bouwer
CEO - Crypto Island Group
Mika Mavinehir
CFO - Crypto Island Group
Lena Shevchuk
CDO - Crypto Island Group
Linda Satter
COO - Crypto Island Group
Juandiego Gonzalez
CXO - Crypto Island Group
Mirko Scarcella
CMO - Crypto Island Group

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