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Crypto Energy is an german Blockchain Project, which provides their own Energy Drink. The drink is already available in Europe.
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About Crypto_Energy

Everything began with a grand vision. From that vision, Crypto-Energy Project was born.

In the beginning, we aimed to develop a token that has a direct connection to the real world. This was the birth of the Crypto-Energy Token CET on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The concept was clear and simple. This token is to reward the community and his holders with the simplicity of holding the token. Also, the token has a direct link to the product and the real world. Through a lot of hard work and dedication, we created this unique selling proposition. Our response to this idea was as follows. From the sales of the energy drinks, as well as the other items from our online store, a percentage of the sales flow directly into the liquidity of the token. This allows us and the entire community to have a stable and healthy growing token price, without classic pump-and-dump developments. Equally, our specially established foundation for people with disabilities and social disadvantages is co-financed from the generated earnings.

This foundation has its own wallet, too. In it, you can see how much we have accomplished as a community. So, 8% from the sales of the energy drink, automatically goes into this wallet. This ensures the continuous funding of the Social Projects. Together with you, the community, we decide which social projects we shall and will support with the foundation. Our special tokenomics clearly reflect this 3-fold growth: Liquidity, Foundation, Holder.

Every day we are focused on driving the growth of the token, the foundation, and the members.

We put our heart and soul into further development on the products and the token every day. Our performance and results are shared completely transparently with the community through the various media such as our homepage, Telegram, Twitter, etc. The team stands for clear transparency, as a team, we strongly believe in our unique project and product. That our community is the heart of this connection between the real and virtual world.

The role of a community member is simple. Keep our community free from negative emotions and build a strong community, together with us.

Take your time, enjoy our community, and feel free and comfortable in our group. You can take an active part in the development of the product and help us grow healthily.

We have many big goals, which we will reach together with you.

Looking forward to everything that will come.

Crypto_Energy Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Development Smart Contract
    Contract Audit (techrate)
    Website launch
    Marketing rollout (twitter, youtube, facebook)
    Advertising campaigns
    Telegram Growth
  • Phase 2

  • Presale on Pinksale (KYC & Audit)
    Pancakeswap launch
    Listing Coinmarketcap
    Listing CoinGecko
    Marketing Youtuber/INfulencer
    Sale of the energie Drink and promotional Items
    (Online-Shop, Amazon, Ebay)
    1000 HOLDERS
  • Phase 3

  • NFT Collection and Marketplace
    Token Burn
    Request Exchange
    More Audits planned
    Marketing Youtuber/Influencer
    Expansion of production and sales of energy drinks
    and promotional items Europe
    5000 HOLDERS
  • Phase 4

  • Token Burn
    Listing Exchange
    Request more Exchange
    Huge Marketing Campaign (TV Spot)
    Merchandise Webshop
    Expansion of production and sales of energy drinks
    and promotional items Worlwide
    10000 HOLDERS
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  • Phase 5

  • Token Burn
    More Exchange listing
    Huge Marketing Campaign (Worldwide)
    More Audits planned (Certik)
    Foundation donate
    first charity events
    Educational institution
    Children with Handycap
    20000 HOLDERS

Crypto_Energy Team

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Crypto_Energy Last News

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