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The 1st Nft mintable using either Loot or Cro Token
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About CronoGods

It all began in the Cryptoverse as legions of Gas-Demons took innocent people by storm, creating chaos and torturing the Cryptonian population. In desperation, Cryptonians pleaded with their Gods. To their surprise, the Gods were no match against the unified forces of evil that was upon them. Cryptonians were in so much anguish that in their last moment of hope, they unitedly dropped to their knees for one last cry to the Gods. The Gods heard the needs of the Cryptonians and began retreating the masses to a place called “No Realm”, a realm of non-existence, or so they thought. In this Realm they found themselves face to face with the Eternal, The Creator Himself! Together, with the remaining 1,500 Gods from the Cryptoverse, an alliance was born, just as the Cryptonians did in their last moment of despair. They agreed to rename the realm Cronoverse. They painstakingly worked together to form the Ultimate Super Weapon; “The Blockchain”, which could only be powered up by the unified forces of the 1,500 surviving Gods. While in beta, the weapon fired a small shock wave sending a bright light into the Cryptoverse. Meanwhile, as the Gas-Demons were roaming around searching for their next victims, they caught a glimpse of the light from afar. They hasted towards the light, a huge swarm of Gas-Demons overpowering everything in its path. The Creator sensed the Gas-Demons entering the Cronoverse and warned The Gods. Sadly, most of The Gods were badly injured in battle and exhausted from powering up the super weapon. Only one God was able to gather up enough strength. As the swarm of Gas-Demons quickly approached, The Eternal ignited a shield around the Cronoverse and proceeded to aim the super weapon at the swarm, releasing the BLOCKCHAIN, sending a shock wave of bright light traveling trillions of light years per second, devouring all Gas-Demons in its path. The darkness that had overpowered the Cryptonians slowly diminished as they could finally see a light piercing through like the sun at its full glory. Millions of Cryptonians quickly adopted the new Blockchain and were delivered from the chains of the Gas-Demons. Unfortunately, some Cryptonians refused to see the light and remain in the darkness. “Never Fear The Gods Are Here”. As each God regains their strength, the Blockchain increases in power, allowing the light to overtake the entire CRYPTOVERSE!

U.S. Virgin Islands Giveaway

Meet Yako the founder behind CronoGods

3 Nights 4 Day Stay In The United States Virgin Islands

Hold 2 CronoGods NFT at time of giveaway

21 And Over

Vaccinated Or Provide A Negative Covid Test 3 days prior to traveling

Must be a U.S Citizen Or have a valid passport

Stay 3 night 4 days Adult Only hotel right on the beach.

Sand Castle On The Beach .

(Winner needs to contact the team within 7 days and meet the requirements above. If winner doesn’t meet the requirements. We will do another random drawing)


“We Are Different.”

20% Locked in LOOT, minimum of 1 year via

15% Toward charities in the U.S. Virgin Islands (Queen Louise Home For Children & Boys and Girl Club STX)

10% Back to our community members via prizes and giveaways

The majority goes back toward R&D of our upcoming project which is the cronogod secret. follow our discord and find out more.


CronoGods Roadmap

  • Q1 2022

  • Release of CronoGodsNft 1/30/22

    LOOT airdrop to random CronoGod NFT Holder

    LOOT holder get a chance To Win a Rare CronoGod
  • Q2 2022

  • $10,000 In Give Away
    Comic Strip Release

    It Important to follow our social media for these upcoming and current giveaways
  • Q3 2022

  • Sneek Peek Of Our Upcoming NFT Collection

    Yes CronoGodsHolder WL

    Virgin Islands giveaway meet Yako Founder Of CronoGods and 4 day stay

    More info on the Giveaway Section
  • Q4 2022

  • CronoGods Ultimate Secret Revealed.

    Release Of Our Upcoming NFT

    Constantly working with new upcoming project as the cronos chain expanse these networking opportunities will bring utilities to your CronoGods NFT. As for ourselves we have a vision. CronoGods will reign the Cronoverse.


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30 Days Growth:
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